All things food: What to eat and What not to when Travelling in Uganda

You know what it is like. You are all hyped up to go somewhere, the bags are packed, the bookings are done. And yet there is something bothering. While a wildlife tour in Uganda is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the country and its culture are still completely new to you and you are not sure if you are going to fit in. This is especially true when it comes to food. Every culture cooks differently, uses different spices, vegetables and other ingredients. Some of these new cuisines you may adore, while some might not make your taste-buds dance as much as you would like. Then there are the dietary restrictions. Maybe you are lactose intolerant and your daughter is a vegan while your wife’s stomach does not have the best constitution. When such things start worrying us, we often get unsure about travelling to a new place entirely.

But do not worry because we have a put together a list of tips, tricks and advice that will have you covered during your culinary journey through Uganda. Here are some things which you should always keep in mind when it comes to food in Uganda:

Water, water everywhere but not a drop you should drink:

Avoid street side water taps. Avoid water at vendors and restaurants if you are not sure it is boiled. Carry bottled water. Maybe boil your water itself. Also, avoid ice-cubes. No, that is not ridiculous. Waters that the locals may drink easily will not always suit your stomach or constitution and can ruin the entire trip for you.

No salads: well, that’s not true.

You can have salad, but only ones that are sliced up and served fresh in front of you. Do not buy and fruit or green salads from street side vendors. Buy fresh whole fruits and slice it up yourself.

Watch where you eat:

Eating at any random vendor’s stall in Uganda? Bad idea. A lot of the food might not be very healthy for you and make you fall sick so research well and ask around before you go for the street food here.

The less spicy the food, the better:

You will be travelling a lot which means that you will almost constantly be in motion. You are not used to the local climate and environment either. If you have very spicy food in these conditions, especially if you are not used to the local ingredients, your stomach might soon start begging for mercy.

Watch where you get your coffee:

Research good coffee places before you leave home. Not all the places that serve coffee use good water. And many of them serve bad, instant coffee that might just ruin your morning.

Dietary restrictions:

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, don’t worry. Uganda has you covered. The land offers a lot of fresh fruits and veggies you can choose from. The banana republic also grows delicious mangoes, papaya and jackfruits. A lot of lodgings grow their own vegetables too, so you can find familiar food here easily. If you have any other specific dietary restrictions or allergies, though, inform your hotel or your hosts in advance and they should have you covered.

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