Shitting In Nature- Huanchaco, Peru

shitting in nature

I really am not trying to be crude and uncouth. I do have alarms going off (almost every time I curse, saying,” But what will they think? What does that say about you?) Clearly, the alarms were malfunctioning when I wrote my infamous “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” post, but usually, their siren is quite piercing. So, we’ve talked about our children’s uncensored sex education, farting, disgusting backpackers and ugly gifts, and way too many intimate details.

Going to the Bathroom in Nature

Surely, when you are camping for weeks on the beach of Huanchaco, Peru, you must, at some point, use the loo. And because we will so not pay a sol (about 30 cents) x 5 x how many times a day we needed to go, we went in the great outdoors.

And, so, yes. (Sigh). It has come to this, friends. We have reached that point of intimacy in our relationship. And, from here forward, there is no going back. We. Are. Going. To. Talk. About. Shit. And not just ‘shit’ per say; but worms in it, smells, and the delightful details of your bottom feeling fresh air. And so, I warn you know: if you don’t want to know all of this, please do not watch the following nomadic family home video. It’s not graphic, like Two Girls and A Cup (which I refuse to link to); but it’s real hometown close. Love you! Bye….

There’s not much more I can add, friends. The video says it all.

Our Home on the Far Side of the Sand Dunes, Huanchaco, Peru

Here’s my original description from the Nomadic Family Channel on YouTube, where we got tons of comments from lovely world citizens guiding us how to shit in nature more kindly.

Wait, I’ve got to share this exchange. It’s too classic.

Well that was interesting.. :>)
jimhikeat 3 months ago

Sorry jimhikeat. we are vulgar, non-censored, inappropriate and uneducated in every imaginable way. and the scary thing is we are learning to love ourselves this way more and more and more. we’ve gone tons more of too much public information to share on our blog site and in Facebook under “the nomadic family”. we’d be honored to have you join us there too and how ‘interesting’ it gets. we love you too! Gabi

There’s a nice little discussion about how much garlic you need to put in, and from what hole, to get rid of worms. You can read all of the comments here.

The Original Description to the Shitting In Nature Video

Close and personal. Yup. We’re realllllllllllllllly cozy now. We’ve talked about everything up until now in our adventures, right? We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve been scared, overjoyed, miserable…. what else could there be to talk about, to share, to bond us?

So, we are entering a new stage of intimacy my friends….. Yes, find out how we take care of our plumbing needs when there are no such services around. (Well, actually, I refuse to pay half a soles every time we have to go).. And so… hold your nose and let’s go.

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So, when was the last time you shit in nature. In Hebrew, there is a common phrase that says, “A shit in nature is enjoyed nine times more.” Seriously, tell me it wasn’t great! I would love to hear your advice about how to shit earth-friendly, and any thoughts you have on our little worms situation. It’s all good, friends.

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