Wanderlust 101: Unveiling the Ultimate Travel Tips for a Worthwhile Journey

Travel tips to make your journey worthwhile

It is once in a pale blue moon that I take a guest post, and usually then only when the moon reflects on me off a still lake and the breeze is just so and I feel romance in the tiniest cells of the littlest toe. And so, if I took this one, there is something there, something soft and beautiful and inspirational that got to me. I’d like to bring you 6 travel tips from Abigail Uychiat that made my heart sigh. She’s a darling wise, young thing and I adore her view on life and travel. And without futher ado, A-F Travel Tips to Make Your Journey Worthwhile.

Allow Yourself to Relax

Loosen up! It’s a vacation, put your phones on silent and just take it out for emergencies. Let go of your busy life for once and let your hair feel the breeze and take a dip on those crystal clear waters. Get a SPA or even just a massage on one of the resorts. Allow yourself to relax and calm your mind, so that when you’d get back to the city, you’ll feel reenergized and ready for another day’s work.

Be Open Minded

Keep it in mind that you are traveling to another country, city or state which simply means that they might have different cultures, beliefs and religion in which you need to respect. Be open minded and try to learn from them, don’t go against the flow of whatever they are doing, its either you try it out, listen to it or just walk away, but NEVER discriminate. Respect is very important especially when you’re not familiar with the people or culture. Open your mind while traveling, that way, you’ll get to learn something new that you would be able to cherish.

CHECKLIST! Of the Things You Need to Bring

ALWAYS prepare a checklist of the things you need to bring especially if you’ll travel on a limited budget. Prepare a checklist on the places you’ve planned you going and the activities that you’ve planned for the trip too, that way everything will go by smoothly and you won’t have to worry about forgetting. It is also important to prepare a list of what you’d need to accomplish before your trip that way you’d now longer have to worry about out while you’re away.

Do a Little Research!

Research is very important when traveling; try to be a little patent in browsing the internet. Try to read articles and blogs that are related to what you’ll be doing. Try to research on flight promo packages as well as accommodation packages; look for the best place to dine in the area or the cheapest hotels and how to get there. Read materials about the activities available in that specific area, or read about the history and the culture of the place you’ll be travelling to.

Enjoy the Moment

It is VERY important to enjoy the moment and leave the worries behind. Spend time with yourself and meditate, forget about you’re busy schedule for a while and live freely. Capture every detail and preserve it in your memories for it will make you smile when you’d look back.

Find Time to Appreciate Everything

Appreciate your freedom and every single detail that comes along with it. Take time to smell the flowers, feel the warmth of the sun and savor every native delicacy that the place you’re traveling to have to offer.

With these tips, you’ll surely invest not just on traveling but on memories as well. Memories worth remembering for a lifetime and a renewed self that your colleagues will surely notice when you’d get back.

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