Funtastic Family Adventures: Explore Sicily’s Best Adventure Parks for Families!

Adventure parks in Sicily for families

When you bring your children with you for a holiday, it is recommended to plan the perfect itinerary that includes their interests in order to keep them excited about the trip. There are many adventure parks that cater to all ages with different activities to keep the entire family entertained. You can look online for information regarding reservations, tickets and other services. After doing so, don’t forget to book for one of many villas in Sicily through sites such as which accommodates your family’s specific needs. Doing so will allow you to be comfortable in your “home away from home.”

Etna Avventura

This is one of those parks that focuses on educational activities incorporated in other fun things to do such as sports and survival methods. Entire families can actually take part in the activities. They also have programs for schools, groups, couples, children of all ages who might be interested in one or more of their nature related relaxing activities which includes mountain biking, trekking or hiking, summer camping, eco-running, environmentally friendly sports activities, and others.

Nebrodi Adventure Park

This park is based at the Contrado Pado right in the middle of the protected Nebrodi Nature Reserve. This is the first adventure park in Messina and they provide activities suitable for all ages who want to have an experience close to nature while having fun. They offer different paths which are programmed for different age groups. They also provide archery and parentina climbing.

Etna Excursion Adventure Parks

This is a park perfect for families because of the kind of programs they have. It is one of the most extraordinary adventure parks wherein the entire area is divided into six routes in various levels of difficulty. Ateliers and picnic areas are also available. Parents can relax while the kids have fun. For the younger children, there are specific paths specifically dedicated to their abilities. Here, you can enjoy activities such as tree climbing, mountain biking, Thai catwalk, boomerang, blowpipe, javelin and archery as well as a host of other fun activities.

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