Unforgettable Adventures Await: Top Things to Do in Belize for Tourists

Things to do in Belize for tourists

Belize is a beauty hidden amidst the raging blue seas. Also, this hidden gem, having been recently found out by the tourists, houses the second largest barrier reef system in the world, the Mesoamerican barrier reef. It is a great place to visit for backpackers and tourists on the move, as it provides them a great place to stay at, and while their tiredness away!

Ones not to miss are the Belize beachfront rentals. After all, which is a better place to stay in a city known for its sandy and exquisite beaches, then near the beach itself?Just follow this guide, as we take you across the many wonders that Belize holds in its midst!

1. Belize Barrier Reef

When visiting Belize, it’s hard not to visit its great barrier reef, the one part that has made Belize so famous. It runs through a length of 300 km ( 190 miles ), and provides the adventure hungry traveler in you, plenty to look forward to! Snorkeling, deep sea diving, swimming with the hordes of fishes are but to name a few.

When on a deep diving trip to Belize, don’t forget to visit the massive Great blue hole, as it would provide you an insight into the limestone walls that populate this hole. Situated near the lighthouse reef, this beauty of nature creates an almost perfect circular outline. Also, when you dive deeper into the reef, the water turns more clear, and the scenery more awe-inspiring and intricate!

2. Lamanai

Lamanai is located in Northern Belize and was once considered a Mayan site of significance. It is a place that is yet to be discovered fully, and that is what makes it so magnificent. Restoration works have been ongoing and focus on resurrecting and propelling to their natural beauty tall structures like the High temple, a 33 meter tall behemoth.
Also, when you get bored of experiencing the many beaches that Belize has to offer, this should be the place that is ought to elicit thoughts. After all, it lets you experience the culture of Maya people up close, and re-live the grandeur and magnificence that they would have experienced throughout their mortal lives. Furthermore, Lamanai is the only such Ancient structure that retains its name.

3. The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

This is the largest protected wildlife sanctuary in the whole of Belize. It was set up in the year 1999 and houses 100 of the 700 Jaguars populating Belize. Though, due to the sheer size of this sanctuary, your chances of finding a Jaguar are very small. But, you would love trekking through the jungles, walking amidst the natural beauty that this place abounds in.

In addition to that, the Cockscomb wildlife sanctuary boasts of a very well laid out track, which would help you live nature up close and personal. Go on long treks across the jungle, as you see the amazing vegetation, plants, birds and animals which populate the jungle.

4. Actun Tunichil Muknal

This cave is situated at the Tapi mountain nature reserve near the village of San Ignacio. It was discovered in the year 1992 and was also featured in a National Geographic explorer feature film,” Journey through the Underworld”, thanks to its mysterious yet befuddling nature. This place has been long recognized as a site which is sacred to the Mayans and the culture and has many of their belongings up for display.

You could see pottery, ceramics, and other artistic belongings of the Mayan period in the cave. Also to be seen are the sacrificial human remain, most prominent amongst them being the “Crystal maiden”, a human skeleton almost entirely covered in limestone, due to the natural formations of the cave.

5. Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is the perfect place to alight at after your long journey throughout Belize. It is laden with beauty aplenty and has been attracting hitchhikers and casual tourists for a long time. This Caye is surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and is known in the local lingua as a place hidden away from the sea.

Shorts and flip flops are the dress code in this place, thanks to the fact that the majority of the tourists come here to experience the abundant sea, sitting next to the beaches! This Caye is at a small distance from the city of Belize and could easily be reached by boat or a short plane flight, depending on how you want to experience the ride.

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