Exploring the Diversity of Israel

A Country of Diversity

Israel is known as the Land of Milk and Honey, but it is also quite diverse in many ways, including its land, cultures, and religions. Synagogues, mosques, and churches coexist within the country’s borders, creating a unique blend of traditions and beliefs.

A Personal Connection

As an Israeli-born author, I have a personal connection to the country’s diversity. My parents immigrated to Israel as teenagers, escaping Jewish persecution. My dad is from Halab, Syria, and my mom is from Morocco. While I was growing up, my parents often talked about visiting their hometowns and seeing how their countries had changed.

A Dream of Visiting Morocco

One of my dreams is to take my parents back to Morocco to visit. I know my mom has mentioned it a few times in the past, and I’m sure she would appreciate it. I’m excited about the notion of seeing where my mom was born and spent her young years. It would be amazing to see where my grandparents had their vast fields before they had to flee the country.

Exploring Morocco

Morocco has a population of over 32 million and offers a lot to its visitors. If you visit Casablanca, Fez, Rabat, or Tangier, you will find many great places to visit, such as Djemaa el Fna in Marrakesh, where you can enjoy a conglomeration of acrobats, storytellers, musicians, and snake charmers. You can also explore the local markets or visit the Kasbah Glaoui in Telouet.

Outdoor Activities

For nature lovers like me, Morocco offers great outdoor activities, such as exploring the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve, the Mediterranean Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of Morocco and Spain, the Oasis Du Sud Marocain Biosphere Reserve, and the High Atlas Mountains, which has scenic hiking trails in Africa’s largest mountain range.

Cool Facts About Morocco

Here are ten cool facts about Morocco:

  1. The capital of Morocco is Rabat, and its currency is the Moroccan dirham.
  2. Moroccan pipes can’t handle toilet paper, so you have to throw all toilet paper in a trash can.
  3. Morocco is situated in North Africa and is the only African country that is presently not a member of the ‘African Union’.
  4. In Morocco, making eye contact with someone of the opposite sex and smiling is a sign that you are romantically interested in them.
  5. Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of European and African cuisine.
  6. Many native Moroccans can speak both Arabic and French.
  7. Morocco is the second-largest producer of roses in the world.
  8. The full Arabic name of Morocco is ‘Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribiya’, which translates to ‘The Western Kingdom’.
  9. Morocco gained independence from France in 1956.
  10. Most Moroccans eat things made from wheat and barley.

Traveling the World

Traveling the world has made me more curious and thirsty to know more about so many places. I’ve explored the US, Latin America, and now Asia. Still, I’m always drawn to what I know nothing about. Morocco would be very cool, both because of my personal history and my interest in the country’s culture, history, and art. Have you ever been to Morocco or somewhere else that drew you in with its history, culture, or art? Let me know your personal angle.

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