Exploring Australia: A Look into Its Culture, Transportation, Cost of Living, and Food


Australia is one of the initial destinations for many travelers, and for good reason. From the sight of Kuala bears climbing trees to Kangaroos leaping all around, it offers a unique experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the work culture, transportation, cost of living, and food of Australia.

Work Culture

Australia’s work culture is relaxed and offers a work-life balance that is often missing in other countries. Many companies in Australia walk the talk when it comes to work-life balance. For instance, a local park near Sydney is often filled with workers playing football with their families at 4 pm every day. This is in contrast to other countries where more overtime is equated with being a better employee.


There are several options for domestic travel in Australia, including the train system and domestic bus services. However, due to the country’s vast land area, ground transportation is only sometimes ideal. The train system also offers a lower quality of comfort compared to similar systems in Europe and the US Amtrak. Domestic flights are a great choice, especially when time is a concern. For instance, a bus ride from Brisbane to Sydney takes more than 16 hours while a domestic flight takes only 85 minutes.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Australia is lower than the UK or other European states. However, some things, such as gasoline and certain foods, are more expensive than in the US. Australia offers relatively good welfare and healthcare systems, subsidizing the poor and sick people instead of big agriculture and oil corporations. Migrants and temporary workers pay high tax rates, but becoming an Australian citizen means paying the same tax as everyone else and getting free healthcare.


Australia’s food culture is fantastic due to its diverse multicultural influences. Lebanese, Assyrian, Greek, Italian, Turkish, French, Asian, Indian, and Latin American cuisine are all available in most major cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne. Even smaller cities like Newcastle have a diverse range of ethnic restaurants. Some unique Australian foods include:

  • Australian Hamburger with “The Lot” – The Aussies may not have invented the hamburger, but they sure have taken it to levels not many cultures could have imagined.
  • Potato Cakes – Giant oversize circles of mashed potatoes deep-fried that puts French fries to shame.
  • Bacon and Egg Pie  – The meat pie has even been referred to as the national dish here, and it can be made with anything from minced beef to lamb and steak.
  • Dagwood Dog – much the same as our corn dogs but they were pre-dipped ketchup for easy walking and eating.
  • Pie Floater – Basically a meat pie that was flipped over and submerged it in a thick green bowl of pea soup. Now, improve it by adding a coat of ketchup on top

Despite the allure of Australia, planning is for fools, and travelers must be open to other opportunities that may arise throughout their journey.

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