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The Unreal Joys of Domesticated Life- Feeling at Home Within- Israel

Posted on May 24, 2015 |

Kobi’s still out and about backpacking the world as the man on a mission to be just by himself and we’re settling into normalcy with grace and joy and wisdom. We’re enjoying our home, not going anywhere much, doing tons of art activities, and falling in love (over and over again) with our beloved Kitty Cat. We’re also finding great joy and inspiration, great strength in inner calmness and purpose in working in the garden. We’ve got all sorts of exciting things happening in our domesticated slice of heaven. In the fruit tree department, we’ve added red pomela, pomegranate, and one other I can’t recall to the peach and...

Middle School Sucks and Finally, When Your Head’s Above Water- K8, Israel

Posted on May 15, 2015 |

She walks into that middle school a mere shadow of who she is. She fidgets and pulls at her clothing, here and there, pulls her hair back tight, like she does to her personality- tightly wound, within, unable to breathe and express herself, and, yes, the second she walks into her den, she tears all them walls down. She roars and marks her domain and will fight to the death anyone who dares even walk near her when she feels she can let herself out of her own self-inflicted cave. Middle school sucks. I never really shared the details of the bullying she faced, the ugliness of pre-teen girls...

Kobi’s Solo Travel – Going Back to Kuala Lumpur

Posted on May 6, 2015 |

So the long family trip was over, but really over and long behind us and here we are back to the normal day-to-day life where the kids are back to school and we are back to the usual errands. But still, we kept the urge of traveling. So on April 1st, I, Kobi, packed my bags and left for a lone-ranger journey in Asia, visiting familiar and new places. In order to save some money on this trip, as we did for the three and half years on the family journey, I booked a flight to Bangkok via Amman, Jordan.  If was aware of how long and frustrating the travel all...

Being a Single Mom, Shifts in Life, & Other Midnight Oil Thoughts- Kibbutz Hanita, Israel

Posted on May 2, 2015 |

It’s so late and I can’t believe that now, now, at 23:34 I’m sitting down to write. Somewhere between the third dish of charoset (this sweet apple-nut Passover delight), seven kids screaming as they play zombies in this very room, and my eyelids closing; I’m finally writing. Well, at least, I’ve started to. The truth is I must go load the dishwasher, no, (practicing my mental power of positive, meaningful living), no, no, I want to go load the dishwasher and so, I’m off the computer. But, hey, I wrote my first few lines and I want you to know that I have missed writing and have fallen asleep...

Fascinating, Fun, Unknown Facts About Bulgaria- The Country Fun Fact Friday Series

Posted on Apr 3, 2015 |

Since 681 AD, Bulgaria has not changed its name since it was firts established making it the oldest country in Europe that is still keeping its original name. The capital of Bulgaria – Sofia – was founded back in 7,000 years ago and it’s considered as the second oldest city in the continent. As unique as it sounds, one of the fascinating, fun, unknown facts about Bulgaria is the fact that shaking head actually means “Yes” and nod means “No.” Yes, that’s weird huh? Another essentric fact about Bulgarians is that they really love yoghurt, claiming that the food makes them live very long. Thansk to the presence of...

Fascinating, Fun, Unknown Facts About Australia- The Country Fun Fact Friday Series

Posted on Mar 27, 2015 |

Having the only nation-continent in the world with around 20 million people, Australia also boast its largest population of the Greek in Melbourne, Victoria; second to Athens in Greece. 2.In Australia, the people have different nicknames such as “cockroaches” for the New South Wales people, and those from Western Australia are called as “sand gropers” and “banana benders” is a common nickname for Australians from Queensland. A redhead in Australia is called as “Bluey”.   The country-continent is famously known for its diversity. Including 45 indigenous languages, there are more than 200 different dialects and languages are spoken among the people with the most common non-English languages to be...

Fascinating, Fun, Unknown Facts About Brazil – The Country Fun Fact Friday Series

Posted on Mar 20, 2015 |

Who knew, when we started the Fascinating, Fun, Unknown Facts series that it would become something so fun, so easy-to-gain-snippets-of-wisdom-around-the-world sort of thing. Well, actually, as much as I’d like to think that we brought this out of the world, life-changing new thing to the net; the one and only article that for whatever odd and magical reason remains of the most (if not the absolutely most popular of all time) article on The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog is the Fun, Fascinating, Unknown Facts about Ireland. Not sure why the world is googling Ireland Fun Facts but weekly we get tons of new hits from this one. And...

12 Days Back Home in Israel, 10 Insights from the Home Front- Nomadic Family Reunited

Posted on Mar 15, 2015 |

12 days back home in Israel and 10 insights that are screaming at me to listen. They have to scream cuz it’s louder here than it was in my home alone in Goa, but not really because my neighbors were this huge mass of vibrating, pulsating, emotional disaster and I would chose my own family chaos (though I am emotionally involved) over their mess any day. So it screams because the decibels in my mind have shifted and sometimes you have to raise your voice (the true one) to be heard over all the other competing chatter. I am in a calmer state than I have been for many...

Ten Answers to Top Asked The Nomadic Family Questions- World Travel Family Divided

Posted on Feb 22, 2015 | 3 comments

Life rushes, gushes, crashes, whirls and flows like powerful waves and river currents colliding, and I sit here, observing my own tingling excitement in my chest rise and fall, and I realize that for my last four days in India, I would rather be within, than “without”. I would rather spend time alone in my room, soaking up aloneness than be out there with the lovely community of Goan family and friends I now have. I am about to leave the only time in my life that I have lived alone, for my loud, dramatic, and perfectly buzzing family, and four weeks after that, as Kobi goes backpacking for...

Manti-Ravioli,Yoghurt & Olive Oil- Red Basilica Cafe & Otel, Bergama, Turkey

Posted on Feb 8, 2015 |

All of this learning magic was made possible because of Fatih at The Red Basilica Hotel who was kind enough to host us for two nights and Izim at who was insane enough to coordinate for us a 5-week tour with the Small Hotels across Turkey. We could never say thank you enough to those who believe in us enough to say, “Yes, come, child. I will invest in your dream,” and to Fatih for believing that man is man (regardless of the flag and what governments try to teach us) and that love is love (regardless of where you come from). Fatih, as a retired international basketball referee...

Happy 12th Birthday Orazi- the Most Beautiful Boy in the World [Photo Essay]

Posted on Feb 8, 2015 | 3 comments

    I’m here and they are there, and yet the distance makes me fall in love with my best and only son none the less. Happy birthday to our young prince, our flirty, funny dancing mini-Kobi. Happy birthday to the one male in the house who can spoil and gently care for his sisters one second and terrorize them the next. Happy birthday to the one kid who knows best how to make deadly traps and how to perfectly balance his mini-manhood with knitting, flower-picking, and art activities. You are our gentle, sensative little man, our little cherub with those blonde curls and blue eyes who, even in...

Dahnya’s Bat Mitzvah- I Hope You Dance- Nomadic Family World Travel Returns Home- Kiryat Shemona, Israel

Posted on Feb 1, 2015 | 10 comments

Finally, I can catch my breath and share what a joy celebrating for Dahnya was. It was everything she hoped and all that our princess deserved. We were surrounded by those who love us most, dear old friends from our previous life eons before we left Israel, precious and dear family whom embrace us in ever-love and laughter, and the chance to do right by Dahnya and make this day that she’d been planning for years (literally!) exactly as she wished it. The videos were gifts to Dahnya- one from us to uur precious reminding her the lyrics of the song we dedicated to her when she was born, but delivered...