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Being a Single Mom, Shifts in Life, & Other Midnight Oil Thoughts- Kibbutz Hanita, Israel

Posted on May 2, 2015 |

It’s so late and I can’t believe that now, now, at 23:34 I’m sitting down to write. Somewhere between the third dish of charoset (this sweet apple-nut Passover delight), seven kids screaming as they play zombies in this very room, and my eyelids closing; I’m finally writing. Well, at least, I’ve started to. The truth is I must go load the dishwasher, no, (practicing my mental power of positive, meaningful living), no, no, I want to go load the dishwasher and so, I’m off the computer. But, hey, I wrote my first few lines and I want you to know that I have missed writing and have fallen asleep...