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You like what we’re doing and say to yourself, “Oh, they’re so cool, I want to give them a hand”. So here is how you can do exactly that!

You pick 6 pictures you like from the gallery here, then donate what ever amount you feel like between $4 to $100.

We  will email you the photo’s you chose in high quality and resolution (without the water mark) so you can print them, put them as desktop background or what ever you like.

Super Amazing Extra BONUS: If you donate $25 or more- along with the photo’s we will email you a scanned, one of a kind, thank you drawing from our kids! Made especially for you!

Win:win:win! You feel good; we feel good; our kids feel good! Your generous donation directly pays our food, lodging, volunteering, and transportation as we now enter the third continent of our voyage. Do it! Do it! Go for it! Yes, you can! This will make you feel soooo cool!

Thanks for the help! Solai, Orazi, Dahnya, Kobi and Gabi

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[add_to_cart item=”91504″ ] In the next page you will be asked to write the numbers of the photo’s you chose.

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