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Never Give Up On Your Dreams 101- The Nomadic Family Travel Blog, Budget World Travel With Kids

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog, Budget World Travel With Kids, 2012 Best Travel Blogs, South East Asia Family Travel

Under the winds and spray of Elephant Waterfall, Dalat, Vietnam

We are living our dreams this second, and this second, and this second. We are. And so are you. Some dreams may be so big and more evident, like I’m traveling the world or I got over my fear of sharks (not yet, let me start my open water certification next month and we’ll talk). Some are really small and perhaps fall more important, like I didn’t blow up on my kids tonight even though I discovered all of the dirty dishes they were supposed to wash from lunch under the bed, or I will close that Facebook tab and get some real work done and actively work toward the goals I have set for myself. All goals and dreams, and all in their proper place and time.

I have two friends who specialize in Dream Making. They are both dear and personal friends of mine and both are not only people of true integrity (you won’t catch a single curse word on their sites, eh-hem, bowing head in same; nor, will you find grammar mistakes like you do here with me) but, they are walking the talk.

And so, in honor of them opening up another season of amazing their Kicking-The-Ass-Of-Every-Excuse-Not-To-Make-Your-Dreams-Come-True Course 101, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before… I”m going to republish the really amazing article I wrote about making dreams come true, all the dreams I’ve accomplished since leaving home in 2011, and what Jennifer Miller and Nancy Sathre-Vogel are doing.

Gasp! I know, I’ve totally crossed the line this time. I know!

Is there something stirring in the bottom of your soul calling you to a bigger life, a better life, an epic life, the life you know you were meant to live?

Perhaps it’s always been there, but you’ve been afraid to feed it. You’ve been told not to feed it. You’ve become convinced that big dreams and a life in technicolor is not for you. A nd so you’ve settled for grey. You’ve settled for normal. You’ve settled for good enough. But in your soul, you know that good enough is not “good enough.” Not for you.

Dreams. What’s the big deal? A dream is a dream is a dream. We see them in the movies all the time. We go to sleep and have them. But what happens when we stop living for them? Who do we become when we no longer allow our dreams to guide us to that next plateau? I am a believer of dreams, big and small; and have some amazing pictures and the story they tell, that I’d like to share with you.

Dreams are what made us save like madmen for this trip, write an amazing book inspiring other to Save For The Dream, and feed the insanity that was necessary to carry out each one of the following.

In addition to world travel, a totally relaxed lifestyle, and spending 100% of my time doing what inspires me, here’s a few we’ve made come true in the last 19 months on the road:

Leave a life we were super happy and comfortable with for the nomadic life of unknowns and scary everythings

– Lose 25 pounds and get muscle-tone of a twenty year old athlete (must admit, I scare myself in this picture. I don’t walk around looking that buff. Here I was just trying…)

– Teach myself to play the guitar

– Finally get that scuba-diving certification he always dreamed of

– Totally let go and let loose online and write “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” (which still blows my mind)

– Make enough money online to support our nomadic lifestyle and, for the first time, stop dipping into savings

-Author some soul-powerful, inspirational books that have changed people’s lives

– Do an RV road-trip (Kobi’s dream) in the US with a 30-foot Mama RV

-Teach, inspire, and help others with my Clean Your Soul class,  in countries all over the world


And, some dreams I didn’t even know I had hidden in the crevices of my soul:

-To have the esteem honor to be in the presence of the King of Cambodia

– Be with our kids 24/7 but find that that terrifyingly suffocating thought, in actuality leaves huge spaces for me and for Kobi; and that we actually adore their company and intimately talking and sharing our lives with them, on a daily basis

-Nourish their moral fibers by becoming the main influential persons to mold our children into the mensches we hope they will be.


And how we made these dreams, some huge, some tiny come true was a great mix of luck, blessings, and tons of hard work and will power. We were lucky enough to read amazing books and be inspired in all the right ways to make the changes necessary for our dreams to become reality.

Go for it! Make your dreams come true!

That’s what I would say. What do you have to say? Did you know we made all those dreams come true in our journey?  Do you have any dreams you’d like to dust off and make happen? Be honest, is the muscles picture a bit too buff? (That was always a fear of mine.) Ever met someone famous and totally modest and amazing, like we met the King who was amazingly kind and open and modest?

Trust me that I would never recommend something that I didn’t believe in personally? Did you know that even those who make their dreams come true are inspired, constantly, by others to make the next dream come true? Did you know that them doing their webinar has inspired me to finally do my Clean Your Soul Webinar I’ve been dreaming of for years? (I bet they didn’t know that either!)

Reach out and extend your hand to me. I promise I’ll reach right back. I’ll always reply to twitter, facebook. the blog posts right to your inbox, our youtube channel. Your online participation directly helps fund our continued journey. The more advertisers, sponsors, and especially the up-coming documentary movie’s sponsors see we are an influential, active community of grass-roots supporters for alternative choices in how to live a modern life, the more support we get from them. So, loves, click, like, share, and, how could I forget, TELL OPRAH!








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