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Life on the Road Education is Cool Cuz Someone Else Is Doing It- Beary Best Hostel, Singapore

We’ve been to so many really amazing (and really disgusting) places around the world. Too many to accurately tell you about. But, a few of those places were just so cool that they just deserve to be spoken of. In Singapore, we got to chill in two different hostels, one right down the street from the other. They were both populated with nice staff, great vibes, and really cool atmosphere. And so, we wanted to show you a little behind-the-scenes peek at Beary Best Hostel in Singapore and how the kids love learning when it’s not with Mama and Papa Bear.

Aren’t the colors of this place unreal? And it’s all IKEA, the entire place, everything, but everything is IKEA. God, I love that! There are three in the Beary Hostel chain. Ready for how cute this is about to be?

  1. Beary Nice Hostel
  2. Beary Good Hostel
  3. Beary Best Hostel

We were hosted at Beary Best, and loved it. Thank you Beary Best! We love you, and miss you. Thank you guys!



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