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Posted on Dec 18, 2017

Planning for a Long-Haul Flight With the Family

Planning for a Long-Haul Flight With the Family

While traveling with family can yield many heart-warming memories, systematic preparation plays a key element in making everything click. More importantly, a strong sense of readiness applies all the more when the trip involves long distance traveling. Here are the key points to consider whenever you’re taking the whole family on a long haul flight.

Look Out For Your Luggage

After you have determined how much stuff you and your family will be taking on the trip, be aware of carry-on bag dimensions. USA Today explains that the standard luggage measurements are 22 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 9 inches in depth. As you take this in consideration, you can better plan which bags you ought to check-in and which would warrant being brought onto the plane.

A good tip is to pack smart and light for everyone. This way you avoid incurring overweight luggage penalties. At the same time, you’re able to monitor your family’s belongings easier. It’s also imperative to mention to your family that while in transit they should keep a close eye on their bags to ensure they don’t get lost.

Ready Your Little Crew

An empty stomach makes any child a ticking time bomb. A good way to diffuse any potential hunger-related issues is to have a meal just before you leave the house. If conditions won’t permit for a full meal before you leave, have a few snacks on hand. Note that you don’t want to give children too many snacks as they could potentially mess up their mood and energy levels.

As far as managing their disposition goes, allow your little ones to immerse themselves in videos and games on your electronic devices. CNN suggests letting them experience new and fresh applications they’ve never played or seen before. These will keep them occupied for much longer than applications they already have. For maximum comfort, don’t forget to bring your own set of headphones, as airline-issued ones aren’t really ideal for kids and long-haul trips.

Sleep While You’re In The Air

You’re going to need all the rest you can get because family vacations can be stressful and tiring. Getting sleep on a long haul flight can be difficult. Here’s a tip to help aid your sleep: wear breezy and comfortable garments, particularly on your legs. The Telegraph reports that non-constricting clothing allows you to sleep better on the plane and help prevent deep vein thrombosis. This is when leg pain and swelling occurs due to a significant time of inactivity, which can easily happen during long-haul flights.

As soon as your kids doze off, do the same. If you’re having a bit of trouble sleeping and feel a bit restless, Leesa points out that meditation will encourage sleep. While a plane may seem like an unlikely place to mediate, it is actually very easy as you can listen to relaxing music (long haul flights will have a large music collection with meditative songs included) while closing your eyes. Coupled with proper breathing exercises, you can send your mind and body into deep quality slumber.

Stay Hydrated

Flying changes the body’s hydration levels due to the pressure and humidity present in the cabin. When you’re dehydrated, you can feel lethargic and sick. These are two ways you don’t want to be kicking off any holiday. Smart Travel claim drinking electrolyte solutions and water during the flight is your best move, so apply accordingly with your kids. Once you board, request the flight attendant to bring your family cups of water during the flight. Needless to say, everybody in the family should avoid caffeinated drinks such as soda, alcoholic beverages, and coffee. After all, you can enjoy all these once you land at your destination.

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