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Posted on Nov 14, 2017

The Best Things to do in New York – On the Cheap!

The Best Things to do in New York – On the Cheap!

At first glance, it’s forgivable if you think New York City is all about chic cocktail bars, skyscrapers and busy fashionistas and business owners shelling out wads of cash at every turn. However, a couple of insider tricks and trips can make exploring the Big Apple for you and your family easy on the budget. The city plays host to a huge selection of free and cheap sightseeings, walks, travel passes no matter the weather and great museums you can visit on the cheap.

Add to this list a selection of affordable micro-hotels and you can visit NYC for a great time without breaking your bank. Here is a list of some of the best things you can do and see around the Big Apple, even on a budget! To save some more pennies, make sure you check out money saving resources like hop-on, hop-off tours.

Get to the Sky

Most of the time you spend in New York is most likely spent looking up as a tourist, staring up at the skyscrapers at every corner. There is the One World Observatory, Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building – but they cost a pretty penny to get into. However, make it a point to visit one of them for some awe-inspiring views.

The cheapest way to get an aerial view of the city from high up is by taking to a rooftop bar for a drink or two as you enjoy the view. Most hotels have their rooftops.

Take a Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic landmark linking Brooklyn to Manhattan ever since it was put up in 1883. The neo-gothic and dark limestone towers make a great backdrop for your photos and videos. Plus, looking towards Brooklyn with the skyline behind you makes for the perfect postcard image.

However, the bridge can be quite a beehive of activity as people lean over to attach padlocks to the bridge, but the cooler months tend to see it experience less tourist traffic, leaving you free to take your photos. As you head towards Brooklyn, make a stop in the Dumbo district for ice cream, coffee or hot chocolate in one of the cafes.

Go on a Stroll

Whether by the Hudson River, visiting the High Line or strolling through Central Park, there is plenty of outdoor space to explore in NYC free. A stroll will also help you understand why New Yorkers are so fascinated with the High Line. This once abandoned freight train line is located along NYC’s west side and is now the “park in the sky,” and one of the most popular attractions in the city.
You can also visit the Times Square, especially at night when all the screens are fully lit up. It’s almost impossible to get lost because roads in the city work on a grid system. You can also take the Staten Island Ferry across the bay and back free, it passes by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Happy Hour

New York City is home to plenty of bars and places where you can grab a drink; however, a beer or a cocktail can still be pricey. Fortunately, you can play it smart and save a dollar here and there. Before you head out for the evening, make sure you look out for Happy Hour signs – if eating out, pick the restaurants that have Happy Hour discounts on the menu.

Plus, eat like a New York when in NYC. This means having breakfast on the go with coffee, Zucker’s smoked fish and bagels, and pepperoni pizza at Joe’s in the Greenwich Village.