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Posted on Oct 26, 2017

Internationally Informed – 7 Traveller’s Tips for Visiting a New Country

Internationally Informed – 7 Traveller’s Tips for Visiting a New Country

So, you’re getting ready for an international trip! You jetsetter, you. How exciting. There’s so much to do, plan for and get ready. And you’ve got to do it all before you take off! And then, you have to navigate your way around a strange and exotic place. Let’s make it easier for you and give you seven traveller’s tips for visiting a brand new country.

Research, research, research 

We can’t stress this enough. Once you’ve got your travel loans in Australia, from Latitude Finance, you need to find out as much as you can about the place you’re intending to visit. You can go the old school way and head to a bookshop and buy a Lonely Planet or other travel guide. Yes, these still exist.

Alternatively, you can get digital and hit up Google – it’s your friend. Next, start compiling a bucket list for your desired destination. We prefer the old school way of writing it down in a diary or notebook. There’s just so much joy in being able to tick off the things you actually want to do!

Learn Some of the Language 

This is particularly important if you’re going to a place that isn’t English speaking, or doesn’t have heaps of English speaking tourists. You want to be able to communicate the basics – like how to order food, say please and thank you, ask how much something is, ask for directions and so forth. Also, the locals love it when you use the lingo!

Get a Money Belt 

Not everywhere is as safe as Australia. Thieves and pickpockets frequent hot spots in many foreign countries, and jet-lagged, pre-occupied and distracted tourists are often ripe for the picking. Invest in a money belt that you can wear under your clothes, and keep the majority of your cash, cards and Passport there for safekeeping.

Sort Your Accommodation First 

While it can be tempting to wing it and sort everything out once your arrive, this can leave you in dire straits, particularly if you arrive at a busy time of year and find out all the hotels, hostels and Airbnbs are booked! Do yourself a favour and book your accommodation ahead of time. After all, a nice warm bed after a long-haul flight is truly a gift.

Get a Guide 

A guide is a local resident who knows the traps and can show you some truly hidden gems. They will cost you money, but depending on exchange rates it can be quite affordable. This can be worth it, because with a guide you can see some sights that aren’t in the books and on the web, and you can even be invited into their home for a family meal! Now that’s a memory worth creating.

Learn the Etiquette 

Not everywhere has the same set of social customs and etiquette. For example, in some Asian countries, it’s incredibly rude to point with your foot or place your feet on a seat, even if it’s unoccupied. Do yourself a favour and learn your basic dos and don’ts.

Go on a Tour

Booking in on a tour is a great idea, whether it’s a day trip or a multiple-week jaunt. You get to see amazing sites, eat at great restaurants, benefit from a tour guide’s knowledge and experience and meet fellow travellers. Some people make friendships on tours that last a lifetime! There are different types of tours to suit different age groups, too.

Do All of the Above and You’re Set 

Consider employing a local guide, or going on a guided tour of the country. Invest in a money belt to keep your valuables and Passport safe, learn some of the local dialects, do your research prior to landing, and please make sure that you’ve booked accommodation ahead of time. Bon voyage!

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