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Posted on Aug 1, 2017

What a Better Way to Connect with Loved Ones While Traveling – Meet Teppy

What a Better Way to Connect with Loved Ones While Traveling – Meet Teppy

The world has gotten smaller, High Speed internet has allowed us to talk to anyone in the world in real time videos. Social Media connections has allowed us to stay in touch with all our friends regardless of their location. Business can now be conducted seamlessly across borders with the advent of cloud-based project management applications available for enterprises.

Current challenges

Sharing your experiences with friends and loved ones is now a staple in global travel. Several social media applications such as SnapChat requires the photos to be uploaded on location right away. Facebook live is also an application that works wonders in terms of sharing your travel experiences.

Fast paced business also has applications to allow anyone travelling worldwide to keep in touch with their associates using communications tools like FaceTime, Skype,, and Google documents. All of these, has one important requirement; they all require a reliable internet connection.

There are mobile hotspots in many countries, almost all hotels have them, and a lot of AirBnb properties have their own WiFi router subscribed to a local provider. However, staying in your hotel while travelling is one of the worst mistakes you can make. The point of travelling is for the experience, and staying in your hotel is the most boring way to experience global travel.


Internet abroad can be better or worse from the country you are from, there are places in any country with a reliable WiFi hotspot. However, travelling in an unfamiliar country, you may not know where that is. It may also be located in a place where you do not need or want to go.

Internet abroad can be a challenge even in the local Starbucks, if you speak a language different from the local area. The same challenge applies in getting a local pocket wifi. The price may also differ greatly from what you are accustomed to. There are also challenges like lock-in periods, identity verifications, and bad customer support.

This is especially true when travelling across Europe to have Europe WiFi such as internet in London or Paris. The EU allows most people to cross borders around the European Union easily making it a great place to visit such cities for business or pleasure. This is a problem for your local WiFi, your internet may work in London, but may not work in Paris, Purchasing a sim card to work in your portable hotspot abroad requires many steps.

Most pleasure travellers do not spend more than a week in one city. Changing sim cards every week can be a hassle. Most people just bear with it or wait until they are back in their hotel to upload their experiences for sharing and posterity. If you’re a business traveller, this is unacceptable. “Going dark” even a few hours is very disadvantageous. It slows down business dealings and increases costs.

Global Nomads recommend locking in a reliable internet at a flat rate. Having a portable hotspot abroad that works great with local providers is a dream come true for them. TEP Wireless uses cloud powered Sim cards that automatically uses the best connection 4G / 3G in the best local network.

Meet Teppy – The Solution

TEP Wireless provides you with a pocket WiFi called “Teppy” that acts as a personal portable Hotspot. It has a 6 hour battery life, which is more than enough power to outlast your cellphone, laptop, or other gadgets.  It can be recharged using a USB connection or Wall outlet that comes with the package. But get that: Teppy has 200 hours on standby mode!

Teppy Worldwide Services

You can rent or buy a Teppy pocket Wifi. Rent is $7.95 a day, this includes rent for the Wireless dongle hardware, unlimited internet connection, 3G/4G speeds whichever is available and easy process via the site.

3G speed ranges from 7-50Mbps and 4G speeds of up to 1Gbps. Actual speeds may vary depending on signal strength and other factors just like any other WiFi hardware.

Teppy automatically searches for the best connection in any country and moves to the best network without human intervention. This includes moving to another internet provider or Telco systems in different countries, a benefit we don’t see on most of the other devices.

Applications compatible with Teppy

Teppy connects to the local network like any other WiFi Spot service, this would mean that you can use all the services you can use like Facebook, Email, Browsing, and VoIP services. This would also mean that if there are network block configurations, for example some sites are banned in China, the same would apply to you. You would have to use Proxy services online that can connect with your Teppy Internet to be able to access these websites.

Buying your Teppy

TEP Wireless will allow you to buy your Teppy pocket WiFi for a low cost of $99.00. This includes a 3 day unlimited internet and it would only cost $8.00 for additional days. This includes the usual charging cable, a travel adapter, and a travel pouch.

Worldwide Teppy Internet Coverage

Your Teppy Internet service will work with a lot of countries, but it will not work without a local network connection. There is Teppy coverage in all of North America, Most of Oceania including Australia, 29 countries in Central and South America, 38 countries in Europe, 24 countries in Asia, and 3 in Africa.

Global Travellers can now have a single reliable internet provider regardless of where they need to go. Carrying a reliable internet with you that can be activated on the fly depending on the number days you need it, enhances your travel experience and saves time. You can now use Facebook live and Skype upon arriving in your destination increasing your connectivity and personal safety. There are thousands of reviews online from happy travellers using the TEP services.

Need Some Extras?

If all of this is not enough for you, TEP offers you some awesome extras to have your travel experience complete. So after you picked your destination on the site, it is the time to get more out of your Teppy. First, you can choose to the low-cost calls & texts to any number worldwide. Second, you can improve your trip with unique local insights & get personal assistance from your very own local concierge, which is always just a tap away.

And this still not enough, TEP Wireless is coming soon with additional services such as KITESTRING and Travel Insurance.. Not sure what KiteString is? Just wait and see.  Feel free to view TEP Wireless blog for more helpful info.

TEP Services, Teppy pocket WiFi solves all the challenges of having a reliable internet connection while travelling abroad. Teppy automatically connects to the local network automatically giving you Internet right away. This includes remote airports where WiFi is sometimes not available, VoIP calling services that will work with your Teppy allows you to communicate with anyone regardless of your physical location. This eliminates the need of having a local Telco Sim card in the countries you’re visiting. Your prepaid flat rate for unlimited internet removes the challenges of currency problems to get a local connection. Teppy is your ultimate travelling companion indeed.

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