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Posted on Jul 28, 2017

5 Safest Places in Europe to Visit with a Family

5 Safest Places in Europe to Visit with a Family

Today, travelling has been easier and faster, thanks to vast technological advancements. People travel to other countries and nations to experience new things and explore the culture of others. One of the most visited tourist destinations across the globe is Europe.

Europe is a continent with 51 independent states. It has countless tourist destinations and it’s considered one of the best travelled places on the planet. Recently, Europe has been tormented with various safety issues ranging from terrorist attacks to crimes.

For many people, the world feels like a more dangerous place now than it was years before. The good thing is, travel insurance has restored the peace of mind of many travellers. Whether you’re going to a single trip or with your family, it’s important to have the best family travel insurance.

However, based on the Global Peace Index (GPI), which produces an annual report on the safety of countries across the globe, Europe is relatively safe. Of the 25 states with the highest GPIs, 18 are in Europe.

If you’re visiting Europe with your family, here are the 5 safest places to visit.

1. Iceland

Whether you’re travelling solo or with your family, Iceland is the best place to visit, especially if you’re worried about your safety. Of course, Iceland is popular as Europe’s safest country. In fact, the crime rate in this country is extremely low. This means that the people are kind, gentle and trustworthy.

According to a report, the last murder that has happened in the country was in 2013. The safety of the country can be due to its small size and population, with just 350,000 people living in the country.

However, it is still advisable for you to get a single trip travel insurance when you’re going to the destination alone. This will ensure that you’re fully covered, especially because you are not sure of the things that might happen along the way.

2. Denmark

Do you know where the happiest country is? Apparently, Denmark has been dubbed as the country where the happiest people live. According to the UN World Happiness Report, Denmark has the top spot for being the happiest country in the world. In fact, it’s also safe since violent crimes are indeed rare.

This Scandinavian country in Europe is generally safe for you and your family. You don’t need to worry about any travel risk (

3. Austria

Austria is the perfect description of urban living and the countryside. Aside from the majestic views, historical treasures and its famous mountains, Austria is a very safe place to travel with your family, especially when you have kids.

Austria ranks third in the latest GPI report. This means that the country is very safe to travel to. You don’t have to worry about pickpockets or other crimes. For those who are still reluctant to travel, you should inquire about an annual travel insurance. This will help you become worry-free throughout your stay.

4. Switzerland

Just like other European countries, Switzerland is also on the list. Despite being the 5th and 7th in the GPI, it is still relatively a safe place to stay for a vacation. There are extremely low crime rates. To enjoy the place without worrying about your safety, it’s recommended that you have the best travel insurance that can cover many things, including hospitalizations in the case of a health emergency.

5. Finland

Despite being ranked at the 11th place, Finland is a very safe and orderly country. Since there are various tourist destinations in this country, you can surely enjoy the sceneries without worrying about your safety and security. Add and choose a travel insurance for you to enjoy your stay without hassles.

Though Europe is generally safe and orderly, it is important to make sure you’re safe and insurance covered. By doing these, you are ready for anything. Moreover, don’t miss visiting this lovely continent because it has the best people, the best sceneries and the best culture.

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