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Posted on Jun 10, 2017

Visiting Giant’s Causeway with Your Family

Visiting Giant’s Causeway with Your Family

When traveling through Europe and Ireland, it’s important for families to find activities that everyone in their traveling band can enjoy. Some parents get nervous about how international travel will go for children, as well as older adults that may be traveling in your group. But with preparation and by choosing the right stops, you’ll have success. Allen’s Tours will take you to plenty of destinations that are perfect for families. Guided tours through visually interesting and historically significant locations will be easy and engaging enough for parents, children, grandparents, and more. Giant’s Causeway is one such location. Here’s why it’s perfect for families.


  • You’ve never seen anything like Giant’s Causeway. Sometimes it can be difficult for children who don’t have great knowledge about the world to understand why historical buildings and sites are interesting. Not so with a place like Giant’s Causeway. The Causeway is a complex array of basalt columns, many of which are at ground level. Tours allow visitors to walk along the columns with the ease of crossing a floor. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even climb some of the higher columns, bunched together overlooking the sea. Kids love to play and explore around Giant’s Causeway. It’s easy to keep an eye on them, so you won’t have to worry about accidents or danger. Giant’s Causeway is much more than a playground, but children can find it very exciting indeed.


  • Giant’s Causeway is also very exciting for adults. When you’ve lived long enough and traveled widely, many people find they’ve “Seen it all”. Giant’s Causeway is one major exception. It’s difficult to fully explain the appearance of Giant’s Causeway in words, so a visit is the way to go. Thousands of years ago, lava from a volcano in Northern Ireland started to cool on the ground. As it cooled and hardened, the decreasing temperatures caused the stone to split and crack. This resulted in cracks that run from surface deep down beneath visitors’ feet, creating a floor of columns. Almost every columns is a perfect pentagon, creating a unique visual experience for even the most experienced traveler.

  • Giant’s Causeway is also affordable. Unlike going to a programmed activity involving drama, food, or sport, a guided tour to Giant’s Causeway isn’t a great experience. A bus tour is a great way for even large parties to enjoy an activity together, without having to break the bank to do so. If you’re in Northern Ireland, it’s one of the most recommended destinations for people on a budget. Of course, even if you’re not on a budget, this natural wonder is just as attractive and essential.

If you live or travel in Europe or Northern Ireland, Giant’s Causeway is an absolutely essential stop. It’s an ideal day trip that people of all backgrounds, incomes, and physical abilities can enjoy equally. It’s a joy for photographers, naturalists, science and history buffs, and more. Create any excuse to go here yourself, take some pictures of yourself beside the unique basalt columns, and bring your friends.


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