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Posted on Jun 27, 2017

Where to Find Budget Hotels in Pune

Where to Find Budget Hotels in Pune

Have you got Pune on your mind? Are you thinking of exploring the nook and corners of the city on foot and sweat yourself out in the pleasant weather? Are you planning to meet up your old friends from college or your relatives who have just shifted to the city of Pune? Have you started your own business and do you feel that Pune would be one of the best places to start with? Whatever be your plans, before you step into the IT hub of Pune, you have to make sure that you have chosen the right place to stay. After all, you have to consider how much you can spend on staying at a hotel when you reach Pune. So, take a look at this article and find out the locations that have plenty of budget hotels where you can rest comfortably on your visit to Pune.

  • Near the Railway Station:

Pune has a number of hotels especially near the railway station for the convenience of the travelers. The stations near the railway station are quite hospitable and provide the modern amenities at an affordable price. When you check in at one of these hotels, you will have the advantage of boarding a train even at the odd hours without having to worry about how you would avail the public transport to take you to the railway station. Besides these, the roadside food stalls serving the delicious pav bhajis will definitely keep your hunger satisfied and help you to explore Pune happily within your budget. So, if you are booking budget hotels near Pune Railway Station, you will definitely be able to enjoy your trip when you visit Pune.

  • Near the airport:

When you are visiting Pune and you choose the air as the medium of transport, you will feel bound to save on your staying expenses to compensate the traveling costs. However, that does not mean that you will have to frantically look for a decent place to stay in. In fact, fortunately, there are plenty of hotels near the airport that will arrange for a free shuttle to escort you to the doorstep of the hotel. At some of these budget hotels, you will get free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and every comfort that you need for spending your time in Pune with satisfaction.

  • Near Shaniwaar Wada:

If you are visiting Pune with your family and friends for an exotic trip, you can always avoid the crowd at the hotels near Pune Railway Station and also the airport area. However, if you want to stay at a place that will send a chill down your spine with the peel of the bell of the historical past of the Maratha rulers still lingering in the air, you can definitely choose to stay at one of the budget hotels near Shaniwaar Wada. If you do so, not only will you enjoy the lavish culture of the Marathas at an affordable rate but also take a look at the historical wonder every now and then during your stay there.

  • On the Outskirts:

If residing at a place that has tranquility to offer is your main priority, it would be better if you could avoid staying within the city. As Pune is a growing IT hub and the work life makes the city noisier than ever, it is better to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and stay at a resort a few kilometers away from the central zone. These resorts that are situated in the lap of nature offer more beauty and tranquility than you can think of. Plus, you can even enjoy the luxurious amenities there at an affordable rate!

Now that you have made up your mind which part of the city you would like to stay in, all there’s left to do is to choose the right hotel. And, this can be easily done with the help of one of the leading travel companies in the country like Yatra. So, go ahead and have fun in Pune!


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Image credits (under CCL): Pune Center