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Posted on Apr 28, 2017

Don’t Overlook Fun Times in the United States: Florida Edition

Don’t Overlook Fun Times in the United States: Florida Edition

If you spend some or all of your time in the United States, it’s easy to forget that this nation has an incredible amount of variety and excitement within its sprawling borders. In Europe, people take it for granted that if you drive for an hour or two in any direction, you’ll be greeted by a totally different culture. In the United States, things tend to feel more homogenous, even though they really aren’t. Despite being a nation of states rather than a continent of nation-states, the US has maintained incredible diversity, both in its people/culture and in its lands.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the great state of Florida. There’s a reason why people retire to Florida, and plan vacation after vacation for the Sunshine State. Whether you’re an explorer through America’s wildest marshlands or a family planning fun Orlando holidays, Florida has something for everyone. Don’t deprive yourself of experiencing it just because you live in the United States. US residents should take every opportunity to explore their own country. Even if you love international travel most of all, you won’t be disappointed with Florida.

When most people think of vacationing in Florida, they think of Disney World. Orlando has been home to Walt Disney World for decades, during which time it has served as Mecca for excited children everywhere. Walt Disney World is pretty self-explanatory at this point, so we’ll move on to other nearby attractions. Obviously, many amazing hotels and beaches are nearby, for those who want a slower pace than the large crowds at the cartoon mouse theme park. Orlando itself is a thriving city, with incredible museums, public tours, and rousing night life. No matter who you are, you’ll enjoy the warm days and relaxing nights of Orlando.

The Florida Keys to the South couldn’t be more different. Because of the challenging terrain, this isn’t as common a destination for families (Though they are more than welcome!). The Keys are an incredible place to give in to the weather and take life a little slower. It’s a place to grab a cocktail while putting your feet up under an umbrella on a shaded dock. It’s a place to look for overgrown natural wildlife, like the giant alligators and crocodiles. In fact, Florida is the only place in the entire world where these two distinct species live side by side in the same environments. Eat some seafood, indulge in the simple pleasures of vacation, and you’ll get a lot out of your time in the Keys.

Key West, Florida

Obviously, there is a lot more to Florida, more than we could possibly cover in a short post like this. But an exhaustive description of Florida wasn’t our goal. We hope to inspire to give Florida a try, whether or not you’ve been there in the past. It’s a big state with lots of different options for visitors and tourists of all stripes. Just think about what you like to do during a holiday, and look for one of the many places in Florida that gives you the perfect opportunity.


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