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Posted on Mar 28, 2017

What to Consider While Planning a Family Trip?

What to Consider While Planning a Family Trip?

“When you travel with children you are

giving them something that can never be

taken away…

Experience, exposure and a way of life”

[Pamela T. Chandler]

The above lines sufficiently describe the significance of family vacations. Family trips are beneficial as they provide the opportunity to bond with family members along with exposure to a different culture, history and people. This has become all the more important in the present stressful life in which we are rarely able to find time for each other. Apart from that, travelling can prove to be a source of practical knowledge for our children which will remain with them throughout their lives.

However, planning a vacation is never easy. This is especially true in case of a family trip where the interests of all the individuals are to be weighed equally.

Here is a checklist of things one should do while planning a trip overseas with spouse and children:

  1. Choose the appropriate location

Choosing a particular place can be the most difficult task. This is because every individual in the family might have a different preference. One may like to have a beach holiday while the other might love to go trekking. So, when you plan to conduct a family trip, ask all the members to tell their preferred locations across the world and make a list of them. Based on the most common preferences, you can make a choice that suits all.

  1. Choose a suitable time

Well, if you ask kids, they might prefer to travel during their summer vacations. But, not all locations might be under your budget during summers. Also, you and your spouse need to figure out the time when you can take significant time off from work for the planned holiday. Inform the school staff of your children well in time if you plan a vacation during their school days.

  1. Set a budget

If you are planning to keep everything in the budget, you will need to check out the costs of travelling, doing sports activities, indulging in amusements and visiting historical places in the foreign country. Consider cutting off certain activities from the initial plan if the expenses run over the set budget. 

  1. Indulge in family-friendly activities

As you plan to spend maximum time with your spouse and children, it is important to indulge in activities that can be done as a family. Visiting theatres, museums, amusement parks and sports centres can prove to be refreshing and enriching for your kids as well. On the other hand, it is of no use to go for bungee jumping alone on a family trip.

  1. Pack appropriately

You need to keep in mind the climate of the destination that you intend to visit and pack accordingly. Also, in a foreign country you would not wish to reach without a medicine that is not available there. So, do not forget to pack all the items making a checklist of the same. Recheck all the items and put a tick on the checklist to avoid any confusion.

  1. Reach the airport on time

It is important to reach the airport well before the time especially when you are travelling with kids. This is for your own safety. It is not preferable to reach the airport late and in a confusion and anxiety, lose the luggage or your kid in the crowd! If your kids are boarding the flight for the first time, educate them about the security process that everyone has to go through so that they do not feel sceptical and scared as they were not prepared.

  1. Book an appropriate accommodation

Look for hotels that have good reviews online. You can also call the helpline and get details about the availability of rental cars or the distance of the place from main attractions. Also, do not forget to enquire about the food!

  1. Plan for road trips

Most of the overseas vacation would require long road trips to visit places. Kids would require special entertaining devices in such cases. So, plan all activities ahead of time if it will be a road journey. Singing, playing games and listening to family-favourite songs will also help.

  1. Plan meals and look for special offers

On a family vacation, one tends to spend the excess on food than required as research is not properly done. You can avail food coupons or opt for special offers beforehand or while you reach the place to bring the whole thing into your budget.

  1. Do not forget travellers insurance

A travel insurance policy can form the most important part of your planned vacation if you face the following emergency situations:

  • Loss of baggage
  • Trip delay
  • Medical evacuation
  • Medical expenses due to accident
  • Travel assistance required in situations like loss of passport

All such situations are not under one’s control, but do happen. Travel Insurance will cover the unexpected costs.

Planning a vacation that will please all family members might look like a Herculean task, but proper planning can make this happen. So, take the cue from the above list and plan your next family trip!