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Posted on Feb 3, 2017

5 Things to Consider When Travelling with Kids

5 Things to Consider When Travelling with Kids

Travelling can be a lot of fun but when you are travelling with kids, it can sometimes be a nightmare. As parents, you wish for your kids to experience great things in life including new places and experiences. However, we cannot deny the fact that travelling with them can be a pain most especially once they throw their tantrums.

This article aims to help mums and parents out there who are planning to travel abroad with their little ones for the first time, to make sure that the experience will be a safe and happy one.  

Here are some considerations you should keep in mind:  

Book your flights and reservations ahead of time –

You know how kids hate waiting, so it is best that you take care of everything for your trip including booking of your flights, hotel reservation and other activities in your itinerary that needs to be booked. It will save you a lot of time and patience. Isn’t better simply go straight to your hotel and wherever you are planning to go knowing that you already have your reservations and that you no longer need to line up and wait?

Consider travel insurance –

If you are travelling abroad and with your kids, it is best that you avail travel insurance. For example, you are planning to visit countries in Asia like Singapore then you should go and get a premium Singapore travel insurance. It will give you feeling of certainty that everything is going to be all right.

Always bring first aid kit –

You know how kids can be very playful. They love to run around, climb places and stuff. You do not know when they will meet accident or get sick while away from home, which is indeed the worst nightmare of any parent. So it is advisable that you bring with you first aid kit that includes essential medicines for both kids and adult, band aids, alcohol and

Bring a bottle of water all the time –

Since they love to play and run, they get thirsty most of the times and sometimes, you are not sure if there is a convenience store nearby for you to buy water, so what you do instead is bring bottled water all the time. This is also good for long-term travels.

Put your contact details in your kid’s pocket – 

Lastly, you should write down on a piece of paper your contact details including your name, address, phone number and put it inside your kid’s pocket. This is best in case they get lost in a crowd so people can contact you immediately.

It is also advisable that you give your kids some pep talk before you leave. Tell them that you will be going to a foreign land where they know no one so they should not leave your side no matter what. You can bring one of their favorite toys during this trip to serve as your bribe every time they are starting to act up.

Make sure to take into consideration all the tips we discussed here to ensure that you will have a great time on your vacation with your lovely family.


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