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Posted on Feb 3, 2017

The 4 Ways to See the Famous Central Park – New York

The 4 Ways to See the Famous Central Park – New York

The green lungs of the big apple

The iconic urban park in Manhattan provides you with an attractive option to get away from your daily routine or have yourself some quiet time in the heart of New York City. The 843-acre natural landmark had tons of cameos in movies, making it not only the “lungs” of the city but also an important piece of popular culture. Either, if you are only a temporary visitor in the big apple or a head to toe New Yorker, you should definitely get a taste of this spellbinding green experience. You should consider our list below before finalizing your journey plans, as there are different ways to get around the famous landmark, while picking the wrong one might affect your experience.

Travel back in time

Before the existence of the expression of rush hour, we did not simply get into our four-wheeled couch and use that rounded thing to get in front of everybody on our way to work. Instead, we rode 5 feet tall creatures or had them draw a carriage. Therefore, if you are up for some time traveling or would like to set a romantic mood, you can enjoy your Central Park Tour from the comfort of a romantic carriage: lay back and enjoy.

Take a rickshaw

In case you are not really a fan of time traveling, Central Park Rickshaw Tour might be your best choice. Having a Central Park expert pedaling while you enjoy the view can spare you from the headache of getting lost on those 843 acres. Indulge in the vivid history of the park with a rickshaw to keep it comfy and interesting at the same time.

Get on 2 wheels

There is no better way to enjoy the cool weather and the beautiful view than on a bike ride. As with the rickshaw, you also have the option to join a Central Park history expert, who’ll guide you through the well-known attractions, while you enjoy the ride along the scenic path. In the case of a good weather, you should consider taking a sportier approach.

Take a stroll

While looking for the best pick to get your Central Park Tour some extravaganza, you might find yourself wishing for a simple walk, to work off those famous NY bagels. In case you prefer having a walking tour, you can still choose from a variety of activities and have experts join you for a sunrise yoga walk, a hidden secrets tour, and much more.

Your perfect tour

Once deciding on your method of getting around this epic landscape, surely you will leave New York’s world-famous green zone with a lifetime memory, after indulging in its vivid history. Dedicate enough time for your tour, as there is a great variety of sights that are worth paying a visit to. Having a Central Park history expert accompany you might give that small touch that you are after, turning your experience into a life-long one.


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Images credit (under CCL) by order: Central Park