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Posted on Jan 12, 2017

Travel the World: Few Tips to Travel Wisely

Travel the World: Few Tips to Travel Wisely

Traveling the world is one of man’s greatest adventures but be that as it may, it is surprising that many people are still unable to make the most of their travels. While this could be due to matters beyond our control such as bad weather, in most cases, our inability to enjoy our traveling expeditions to the maximum is often due to some bad judgment or poor planning on our part. In this article, I shall introduce you to some of the world travel tips you need to practice to ensure your next holiday is a positive experience.

Here are few travel related tips that probably will be handy on your upcoming holiday:

Pack Light

Going on a holiday should be a totally different experience from changing apartments. While you would like to have all the necessities you have been enjoying in your home, it would be unrealistic to carry many items with you. Aside from the fact that this will improve your chances of getting a decent accommodation, it may also make you pay extra for the heavy luggage. The general rule is to pack light and buy most of the stuff when you reach your destination.

Have a Rechargeable SIM Card

At times, you may be planning to travel to a wild and remote destination where you may not enjoy certain luxuries such as access computer or local phones. Because you need to be in constant touch with your loved ones, the most ideal thing to do would be to opt for a rechargeable SIM card. These SIM cards provide you the convenience of being able to fill your or someone else’s credit within a minute so you can stay in touch. All you need to do is enter the number, choose your preferred product and then choose and pay. You can learn more on this exquisite service at

Make Copies of Important Documents

The last thing you would wish to happen to you is to run short of the law, only to be asked to flash some ID and it is nowhere to be found. Even worse is losing these crucial documents so in order to be safe, it is advisable that you make copies of the documents. Your passport, visa and other itinerary should all be in copy. It is also important that you move around with the copy and leave the originals in your hotel room to avoid the risk of not only losing your original documents but also dealing with time and costs to get replacements.

Conceal Your Money and Passport

Regardless of where you travel to, you will always be a victim of the cozy impression that tourists are rich and flamboyant people. This tag does not go away easily and once the locals discover you are not one of their own, you may have a hard time buying anything as you will find that the cheapest items there are now overpriced and overrated just so you can spend much on them. At times, even asking for mere directions could mean you part with a few bucks. In the worst case scenario, you may fall victim of street muggers so ensure that you conceal your money and identity at all cost.

Get Travel Cheques for an Emergency Situation

Emergency situations, though not so common actually do occur. When they occur, you should avoid from using hard cash to bail yourself out and instead use travel cheques. You may check with the relevant travel agencies for available services. Travel cheques are acceptable in most places around the world and are a great solution if you have no other financial resource. Even if you lose the travel cheques, you don’t lose their value. You can request from the travel cheque provider (e.g. American Express) to issue new ones in exchange.

Download Helpful Apps

As you are venturing in a new destination, you will need some guide to help you move around and procure the relevant services. Tour guides come in handy but they may not always be around to help you with each of these needs. Worse yet, they may not be up to speed with some of the services required by tourists around their locale so the best thing to do is download some useful apps. You will never go wrong with an app such as Google Earth or the Weather App. You may also consider downloading taxi apps such as Uber, Hailo among many more.


Even after taking care of all the tips highlighted above, it is still important that you secure flight and hotel reservations in advance. As a matter of fact, this may be the worst challenge you may have to face as the news of “we are fully booked” is never a welcome one, especially when you have had everything ready and are ready to go.


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