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Posted on Jan 20, 2017

6 Top Theatre Cities for a Perfect Cultural US Holiday

6 Top Theatre Cities for a Perfect Cultural US Holiday

For any culture lover, coming to the US symbolizes the history of rich art and cultural exhibits which are all around. There are many museums, art galleries and theaters to enjoy. The theater is one of the oldest forms of art in any culture and has been enjoyed for centuries. The entertainment provided by the theater is for people from every walk of life. You can see around you all kinds of theaters; from street to Arena. But there are some cities which are known for this cultural heritage. People travel from all around the world to these cities to enjoy the superior theaters they offer. Some of these cities are:

1. New York City:

Also known as the Big Apple, New York offers the most renowned theater in the USA. Who hasn’t heard of Broadway, it is a dream of every artist to perform there. It is a place all theater lovers want to visit at least once. The dazzling lights and amazing ambiance it displays with lots of super hit musicals to enjoy. It has something to offer to everybody no matter what age you are or what kind of play you enjoy. There are a lot of restaurants that provide good refreshments between shows. Shows currently on air: There are very good and popular musicals currently running on Broadway and you can book Broadway tickets for shows online too. Booking is important because you might not be able to get them easily as they are jam packed. Currently following shows are running: Hamilton Wicked – The book of Mormon (among others).

2. Chicago:

Chicago offers a number of amazing theaters where you can enjoy performances by award winning artists. Its theaters are known for their amazing orchestras and great shows. There is a large variety of plays that you can choose from. From musicals to comedies, you have it all in Chicago. Among popular theaters is the Chicago Theater, Greenhouse theater center, Private Bank Theater, to name a few. Shows currently running:There are a lot of booking agents available online or on the premises who can help you to get the ticket to your favorite show anytime you feel like going to the show. Some of the popular shows are: Mr. & Mrs. Pennyworth First Date Blues for an Alabama sky (and much more).

3. Los Angeles:

Los Angeles, like everything else, offers probably the best art and cultural centers. Living up to the larger than life image Los Angeles theaters are amazing as well. Along with amazing theaters, there are equally wonderful restaurants available so you can make it a perfect and complete day out with friends, family or special one. Popular theaters in Los Angeles include Los Angeles Theater, Geffen Playhouse, Dolby Theater and many others. Shows currently running: There are a large number of plays to choose from. No matter what kind of play you are interested in, you would most probably find one to enjoy in one of the theaters in Los Angeles. Currently, some of the popular play that is running is: The Lion Nun sense Dry Land.

4. San Francisco:

Theaters in San Francisco have their own historic value. There are many old theaters present with rich cultural history and significance. The list of theaters in San Francisco is probably longer than that of any other city. Some of the popular theaters in San Francisco are Orpheum Theatre, Exit Theatre, and Golden Gate Theatre. Shows currently running: There are so many old and new plays you can watch and enjoy in different theaters. Book your tickets for shows beforehand so you can get the show you want to watch. Some of the best shows available are: A thousand splendid suns John Needles and Opium (among many other wonderful options).

5. Boston:

There are a lot of good performances available for you to get entertained from. These great theaters let you enjoy Broadway shows, Musicals, Play, and concerts. So whatever mood you are in, you can surely find something befitting your taste. The Popular theaters in Boston that you should not miss are The Shubert Theatre, Wang Theatre, Boston opera House to name a few. Shows currently running: There are a lot of good shows running in different theaters in Boston. Some of the most popular are: Something Rotten Hand to God Once the Musical.

6. Minneapolis:

Although there are fewer theaters in Minneapolis as compared to other cities mentioned here, but they produce top quality shows. They offer Musicals, comedies and Broadway show in good quality and quantity. So if you get a chance to visit this amazing city then don’t forget to visit the equally amazing Orpheum Theatre, Pantages Theatre, state Theatre along with the rest of them. Shows currently running: Like most theaters, the theaters in Minneapolis have their websites from where you can Book or purchase tickets for shows. Some of the popular shows currently running are, Macbeth Amy’s view Might as well be dead, A Nero Wolfe Mystery

The theater is an opportunity for any art lover to view new and old talent coming together and performing to their fullest. The cities in the USA provide a great cultural amalgam and this is depicted well in the theaters where you can see the impact of cultural and historical growth right in front of your eyes.


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