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Posted on Dec 15, 2016

How to Make Money When Traveling Abroad

How to Make Money When Traveling Abroad

Most people believe that traveling abroad is an expensive endeavor. That is not necessarily true – traveling abroad does not have to be costly. Of course, if you choose to stay in a 5-star hotel, you will need more money than usual.

However, you should know that traveling abroad is all about experiencing the culture and mingling with the people. You cannot do that when sitting in an expensive hotel. You need to go where the people are to get the ultimate experience. Doing so will enable you to stretch your dollars further.

Here are some ways to make extra cash when traveling in a foreign country:

Teach English

When traveling in Asian countries, the best way to make money would be teaching English. You only need to be a native Englishspeaker to qualify for the job. In other countries, you just have to take an online certification course and you will be good to go.

Most programs will pay for your housing and airfare in addition to a healthy salary. Go online and look for some teaching opportunities.

Work on a cruise ship

When traveling in a foreign country, you can work on a cruise ship. You might make as much as 1,800 dollars per month on top of housing and food. If you like, you can work on a contract basis and stay for several months.

The jobs on a cruise ship include cleaning, maintenance, and cooking. You just have to choose the job that suits you best.


Au pair or house-sitting

You can spend your days looking after children from different families. Once you clock out, you should spend your evenings sightseeing and visiting your favorite restaurants. Housesitting is another nice deal that gives you a free place to stay while figuring out your next steps.

Blogging or freelancing

This is a great way of earning money while enjoying yourself. If you have always had a passion for blogging, you can start writing about your experiences in a foreign country and share them with other people.

Aside from blogging, you can also do some freelance work depending on what you are good at doing.

Do you love web design? You can make a living designing websites while in a foreign country. Do not expect this to be a get-rich-quick gig. Many travelers do it to get money as they travel.

Selling goods online

Have you come across some goods that you think would be interesting to buyers, or do you have your own handmade products that other people would find interesting? You can set up a website or create an eBay shop and start selling everything from clothes to comic books to modern bathroom sinks.

Although success is not guaranteed with this method, you should be willing to learn from more experienced online vendors. Making a few sales per week could be enough to keep you traveling across the world.


Are you good with people? There are bars in most cities of the world and most of them pay in cash. If a bar is connected to a hostel, that is even better for you because you are likely to get more tips. However, you have to be willing to stay in one place for a while if you take this job.


Construction work

Do you have any experience working in the construction industry? This is a great industry for short-term jobs because it pays under the table.

Are you still wondering where to get get money to keep traveling? You should visit a site for crowdfunding and see whether you can raise any funds. Make sure that you state the real reason why you need the money.

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