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Posted on Nov 28, 2016

10 Amazing Travel Facts about Dubai

10 Amazing Travel Facts about Dubai

Before you pack your bags heading to Dubai, there are several facts you should know about this amazing city. Over the past few years, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) changed tremendously, and its economy became one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Many tourists head to Dubai every year to explore the fascinating city with its myriad of passion and colors.

Here are 10 amazing travel facts you should know before heading to Dubai:

1- The passport and visa needed

U.S citizens must carry a valid passport for 6 months at least after return. Tourists may enter Dubai on a free visa that can be issued upon arrival if you are a citizen of specific countries (includes the US).

2- The location and the weather of country

Dubai is one of the states (emirate) of the United Arab Emirates, and it is considered the largest one, as it occupies around 4,120 square kilometers. It lies between the Abu Dhabi emirate from the south and Oman the country from the southeast. It is suited along the coast of the Persian Gulf, on what is called “the Arabian Peninsula”.

Its weather is a dry hot subtropical climate, where rainfall is infrequent during the winter days. The temperature there ranges between 50 to 118 F in the summer. Therefore, the best times to visit Dubai is in the summer days are a little hot and humid.

3- The currency and economy of Dubai

The currency of Dubai is the currency of the UAE which is the Dirham, and you can exchange currency easily in the exchange money places all over Dubai, where it stay open till 8:30 Pm, also you can find ATMs all over Dubai.
As mentioned before, it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, as it depends on the fossil fuels and oil selling. Also, the scenario and tourist places that they built over the years for tourism are amazing, that tourists from around the world thrive to relax in Dubai, and having fun in any of its famous places.

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4- Health precautions

The entry of Dubai doesn’t require any kind of vaccination, and it is Malaria and Yellow fever free. You need only to make sure that your food and drink is safe enough, as the waterborne disease mostly are the number one cause of illness for most of the travelers.

5- Best destinations and activates for tourists

Dubai is well known for its one of a kind number of places tourists thrive to see, one of them is the tallest man-made structure, the tallest hotel in the world, the Sahara desert where you can explore the Desert Safari in Dubai, the only 7 stars hotel, and the biggest aquarium in the world. Dubai is also famous for its amazing and flourishing skyscrapers.

6- Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is considered one of the shopping paradises on earth. As UAE have a very low customs duties, so the good are less expensive than anywhere else. There are three main shopping destinations, which are the shopping malls, the shopping Souks (Markets), and the Shopping streets or areas.
Most tourists tend to buy the electronics, fabrics, and traditional Arabic arts stuff.

7- Voltage requirements in Dubai

The normal voltage in Dubai ranges between 220/240 volts, which covers all the appliances, but we recommend taking a universal adapter and a converter kit for facing any kind of problems.

8- The Internet and cell phone in Dubai

The internet in Dubai is very high speed and good quality, and most of the hotel packages include the Wi-Fi service. And it is allowed to take your own cell phone with you anywhere around the city.

9- People of Dubai

The original citizens of Dubai are only 15% of the population there, as it is full of job seekers and investors from all around the world. However, mostly the citizens are very friendly, and most of them can speak English very well.

10- The cultural awareness of Dubai

UAE is a Muslim country that is based on a deep belief in the Islam. There are a lot of mosques around the country, and there is a prayer loud call known by “Adhan” which is called 5 times a day. The weekend there is on Fridays and Saturdays, so you may find companies closed on them. The dress code in Dubai is that women cover themselves from head to toe, but there are some who barely dress anything, and men wear the traditional “Jilbab”.

Enjoy your holiday!!!


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