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Posted on Oct 7, 2016

Nothing For Sale, Nothing to Flaunt, An Ocean to Share

Nothing For Sale, Nothing to Flaunt, An Ocean to Share



Welcome to my empty sign.

That’s all I can manage to give you today, and I see it as a real sweet deal. Nothing. Nothing glittering, nothing flashing, nothing telling you that someone else or someone else’s life is better than yours. Nothing indicating that that something else is what you need, or that you are not good enough, or that if you wish to feel happy and whole than it’s just beyond this next purchase, or course, or website. I want to sell you into going into nothing, into sitting with yourself with no distractions, into hugging all the messed up and complicated layers of who you are and just be there.



And Then There Were Five- How Quietly Lovely Those Moments Can Be

Last week, I started a really lovely and long post about my family’s life today and growing up and into our being. I decided it was more spiritual and less ‘nomadic family’ and published it here on In it I said things like:

Three are in the shower, three in the pool, and one’s gone home. She [again] didn’t feel comfortable with the sexually-infused banter of normal hormone-pulsing teen talk and the touchy-feely pushing-the-limits of truth or dare. And now, (I’m laughing as I type), they are all in the shower. Five girls, two guys, all in their bathing suits, a throbbing mass of laughter and hands shampooing someone else’s hair. I sip my lemon water, chew of this bowl of mixed dried fruits and nuts, and feel so unalarmed by my daughter’s budding sexuality and the openness of her relationships (I love her friends!) but got extremely unnerved by my now-teenage son watching some cartoon of two police men beating a baby and the mother to death and laughing.

and had reflections like:

I guess growing up and getting to know yourself, experiencing all that life exposes you to, being you in this world would be the common threads here. Common to my daughter’s development and friendships; common to my son’s choice of online entertainment (and the fact that I think he’s on for way too long); common to me growing into loving myself enough to listen to the multitude of my voices, which is where we’ll go next.

and other stuff like:

Can I learn how to look within, at my size (physically and emotionally), at where I am right now and just sigh into that, happily? Can I look at those jeans at the bottom of a thick stack of pants that no longer fit me and smile at them, knowing that I am whole and beautiful and complete just as I am, without any need to change? Can I look at my size, which includes all the abilities, talents, fears, hang-ups, and attributes that make me me right now and love them?

and a bit like this:

I’ve been within and with my life, with all in my deepest insides that needs to be cleaned and purified and let go of. I’ve been super involved with being in my kids’ lives and being there quietly and lovingly (Kobi is gone for 7 1/2 weeks and I’m it). I’ve been almost 100% offline and have learned to listen to my soul and follow the faint whispers (and sometimes, the heated screams) indicating where I need to forgive and let go. I’m reading again You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and loving going through this process again.  It’s good. It’s all good.

That’s that, you see.




When Kobi first tried to get into Houston Community College he failed so miserably on the English entrance exam that they wanted to put him into a two-year ESL program pre-college-credit classes. He asked the head of the English department to give him a chance to prove that his English was at a higher level than the test reflected.  And so… he was asked to write an essay about ‘fences’. Sweet. We can do this! Until I hear Kobi whisper at me from across the room (in Hebrew) “What is fence?”

And it’s about fences. Who’s grass is greener. Always. And it’s about knowing our limitations and our borders and being still and at peace with being within the skin of our own lives. And it’s about knowing that this that defines me today, my fence, will change tomorrow and some other external boundary will define me, all the while, knowing on a deeper level still, that none of this is really me either. Not “The Nomadic Family” and not my Facebook profile and not this job, this degree, nor this country identity, nor this relationship. That I am just a spiritual body borrowing this physical one for a while while I play here on Earth School.


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.44.23 PM

From Silence to Noise

So, I went online today to Facebook because someone asked me for something specific that required that. Within minutes I was overwhelmed and flooded again, knowing that online is not (for now, anyhow) my home. Furthest from it. I saw endless self-promotion and way too many details of way too many people’s lives all at once. My filters surely missed the inspirational word art and articles, and the sincere beauty of people sharing, helping, and inspiring others. I guess I did see it but it was lost under too much of everything.


Growth from Within

Just wanted you to know that we are here, and joyful. Joyfully learning how to parent three teens, be healthy, earn income, invest in our marriage, and balance all the beautiful and painful blessings we have. Going within, I hope, will continue to be my status quo.  I just published Rebirthing Myself yesterday… which started out saying this:

“And so it is, sometimes, or maybe all the time but we just don’t fully realize it… You’re this leaf, vibrant, swaying in the breeze, feeling so alive and lush and moist…. and then you fall, it all does, all at once, and you find yourself in a labyrinth of dryness, death, decay, and darkness. And as you lay there, with all the wind knocked out of you still trying to understand where alive went, you learn. You learn that this is also beautiful. You learn that this is also growth. You learn that this will catapult you on your spiritual journey much more than peace and serenity did. And so you breathe into this, too, and find out how this too can be alive, in different shades and from different directions than you planned but all the same, alive.

And so I’m going through all the lovely and gross, gently high and sharply low, and beautiful shades of being a mom, loving myself, and finding my way. It’s truly exquisite. “

It’s a really good update on what’s up with us these days. I thought you may like that too.

So the kids will continue in what has begun as a really good school year. All three are busy and happy and we’re putting special focus on being 200% there for their developmental and emotional needs. It feels good to know where my priorities and time stand. We’re doing endless improvement projects around the house and finding joy in renting it out weekends and holidays (check out our slice of heaven!) and life is really good here on the mountain-side.

Your Turn

Speak. Leave a comment. Say hi. Or don’t. I’m loving every second of it either way.


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  1. Hello! Am I the only follower still on the list I wonder? Good to see you writing again. We’re at base camp Romania, just arrved a couple of days ago after summer in London and Wales to see friends and for Chef to compete in Iron Man Wales. In 2 weeks were in Thailand. Working with some hotels, another Iron Man, my 50th birthday and test – running living in Chiang Mai. Life is very good. My personal FB page is shut down, has been for months, it was taking too much of my work time. These days it’s work work work for me as our income is solely from the websites now. I’m also fat. Menopause came and with it a happier, more relaxed self and monstrously large thighs. As demonstrated by my elderly Romanian neighbour yesterday who came over to wibble said thighs. But somehow I feel good with it, kinda mature and voluptuous. I know it will go now when we get back to Nepal. D and I are going to EBC, we only made it to Tangboche earlier this year. Which was quite impressive as we hadn’t intended trekking at all and turned up in jeans and street shoes. Anyway, hope you are well, sounds like you are. How are you all making a living these days?No more websites? Cheers!

    • hi gorgeous. gorgeous thighs and all. (please read the gabiklaf post i just referred to in this post. you’ll love the part about not fitting into my jeans!). i don’t know how many followers i have. clueless and happier that way. i’m just writing and am sooooooo happy to find you, dear old friend. i love that you guys are so into romania as a home base, that you guys have ironman and other fun adventures ahead, and that your sites are so kick-ass and amazing (you are a pinterest goddess) that you are able to live off of that. i love you alyson. you know we were debating this summer either ireland or romania and i think ireland wins but know that we intend to come to your neck of the woods soon and it would be so magical to get to see you and your eco-isn house and all. really amazing. i’m glad you are maturing into all sorts of things love. this is the life you dreamed of and you made every ounce of that come true. how are the boys? still writing on gabiklaf and thenomadicfamily when i’m inspired to. income is stablized now. the first year plus was tough but now we’re fine. i have a few clients and from oct to april i work for this amazing non-profit who gives me parenting groups, youth teen staff, teacher staff— all about stuff that really excites me like a religious group of moms and their girls teaching how to talk about sexuality, the teen youth staff about sex and drugs and raising great kids, a parenting group for teens in a school who are one step away from dropping out. so their groups excite and challenge me and i know i’m making this huge difference and i can count on that income. other than that, we did six weeks in the summer and eight days around easter of an english/art camp for kids (if you have what’s up, i’ll send you the video), and we’re renting the house out on weekends and holidays which is beyond cool cuz it’s bringing income but it’s inviting us to become minimalists and simplify and clean and do all sorts of amazing projects that we never would otherwise. we’re thrilled. any chance we can meet you in ireland this coming august. i love you dear one. so much. gabi