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Posted on Oct 25, 2016

Great Reasons Why you Next Holiday Destination Must be Australia

Great Reasons Why you Next Holiday Destination Must be Australia

There are plenty of things that come to mind whenever Australia is mentioned. Australia is a country with unique beauty and there are so many great reasons to have a holiday in such an amazing place. What’s more, visitors have a wide of options as far as accommodation in Australia is concerned such as the affordable accommodation in Perth. Here’s a list 6 of great reasons why you next holiday destination must be Australia accordingly: 

Stunning beaches

Australia boasts of a very beautiful coastline that has more than 10,000 beaches; so if you are looking for a beach holiday, brace yourself for some fun. Some of the best beaches to look at walk on in the country include Manly, Palm, Greenmount Beach, Bondi Beach, Rainbow Bay, RiverMouth, Yallingup, Bronte, Hymas Beach and Cable Beach.


Bondi Beach

Endless dive sites

Once your Australia holiday is booked, ensure you experience the fun offered by the country’s endless dive sites and have all day out! You will find these sites in Queensland, NSW, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Unique wildlife

Get up close and personal with Australia’s wildlife! The best places to see kangaroos in the wild is at Carnarvon Gorge Park and the Murramurang Park on the New South Wales Coast. If it is the Koalas you want to see, head over to Queensland’s Magnetic Island or at Kennetti River along Ocean Road. Between the months of June and October, hundreds of whales make a journey up and down the country’s east coast. You will see many crocodiles within Kakadu National Park and at the Yellow Billabong Cruise.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

Great Food

Even though Australia does not come to mind as a ‘foodie’ destination with the likes Italy, or Thailand, or France, it has reached beyond its meat and three vegetable reputation and there is much you can get here because of the country’s ever rising multi-cultural society.

Melbourne, for example, is also popular for its coffee scene and alleyways, not to forget the bakeries, and there is a huge population of Greeks and Italians. Adelaide Hills is also a great place known to be as South Australia’s food bowl and home of the long dinner and lunch.

The Outback

The Australian Outback is can be unforgiving and is vast, but is uniquely Aussie. It ranges from tropical savannah, to sandy arid deserts to scrublands. Visitors can be assured of miles of unbroken horizon, clear night skies and hot sunny days. Your Aussie Outback experience isn’t going to be complete without a visit to Uluru. It is the heart of Australia and is more than just a physical monolith, standing at 348 high. It’s a spiritual experience! You can also go to the beautiful Alice Springs, Kata Tjuta, and the Oodnadatta track.

The Outback

The Outback

Great Cities

Australia is home two world-class cities in Melbourne and Sydney, and if it is you are visiting the country for the first time, and you are on a time limit concentrate on these two. Sydney is set on one of the most spectacular harbors in the world. Walk across the Harbor Bridge, walk to Coogee, explore the Opera House and take a walk in Royal Gardens.

Melbourne is the sporting center of Australia and houses the best pub and cafe scene. There is always a festival taking place, the shopping is in a league of its own, it has a very great vibe to it and is easy to get around. Just know have in mind that Melbourne has a reputation for unpredictable weather and you are good to go!

Explore Australia today and enjoy all of the above great stuff. Book your accommodation in advance as it will be hard to book especially if traveling during peak season.


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