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Posted on Sep 28, 2016

Particulars of the Official ESA License and How Get It

Particulars of the Official ESA License and How Get It

Pets have very important roles in the lives of their owners. Man’s best friend never leaves by his side, even when all the human friends have left. The dog would always be around, offering his furry presence of companionship to cheer you up even in the most desolate wintry evenings. Often, people find themselves suffering from various kinds of seemingly uncontrollable mental health conditions such as depression, sleep deprivation, and panic attacks. You would obviously seek professional medical treatment, but no medicine can complement one of the most fundamental aspects of depression, loneliness. In stark times, when the ticking of the clock is the only sound to keep track of slowly moving time, the dog would be around offering his friendly presence at best.

Shifting to a new place

A peculiar problem may arise when you are shifting to a new place. You looked hard and at last found a roof over your head within your budget. Now, just as you are about to relocate with your belongings, you come to know that the landlord has strict no-pets policies. This development can happen all of a sudden in your existing rental as well. Now, instead of getting into useless arguments with a stubborn property manager, you need to proceed by a standard legal format for best results. According to the Fair Housing Amendments Act, a tenant possesses the legal rights to have the pet in the house when its presence has deep therapeutic value of emotional support. Essentially, you need to obtain an emotional support animal certificate. Owners can register dog as an emotional support animal via a largely straightforward process described in the following sections.


The right registry

A common misconception many owners have is that there is some sort of an official registry for pets where you need to enroll their names to get the esa certification. There is no such online registry, and in order to register emotional support animal, you need to visit a reputed online service that would make all the provisions. The certificate consists of a signed and dated official letterhead from an authorized medical professional who would specifically mention your emotional disorder, the fact that you are in treatment for the same, and the acknowledgment that the presence of your pet has therapeutic value.  You will need to fill up a form, make a payment and wait for the approval of your application to obtain the certificate. That is all about how to get approved for an emotional support animal. Common mental conditions that confirm your eligibility include insomnia and anxiety attacks.

The official validation of emotional support animal has been shown to be crucial in even preventing eviction for clueless tenants. The law is significantly comprehensive and it makes allowances for pet home stay except a few specific conditions. For example, it does not hold valid if your housing premises has four rental units and the property manager lives in one of them. The emotional support animal certificate would neither allow the entry of your pet to places like restaurants and hotels with in-house no-pets policy. However, it does allow your pet the legal immunity to travel by flight with you as a therapeutic companion.


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