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Posted on Aug 26, 2016

DIY Guide to Interior Design

DIY Guide to Interior Design

Most people want to live in a home that is comfortable and is decorated with a style that fits their personality. Fortunately, there are several ways to enhance your interior design with a few DIY projects that are easy to complete. To create a stunning environment that looks professional, there are a few important steps to take.

Add Wallpaper

Although paint is commonly used to enhance the design of home, wallpaper is one of the latest trends that has can add a fun print or pattern to a living room or bedroom. Add wallpaper on all four walls in a small room or consider using it on an accent wall in a more spacious setting. You can also consider adding a whiteboard wall sticker to create a stunning design that has a high level of impact in the room.

Interior Design 1

Create a Color Scheme

To create an environment that looks streamlined, you’ll need to determine your color scheme throughout the home. You can incorporate the color scheme from room to room to ensure that everything flows well with the linens that are used or the decor that is on display. Consider visiting your local hardware store to take a look at different paint samples for an easy way of combining different shades and ensuring that they accommodate each other when you handpick each one.

Hang a Mixture of Mirrors

Mirrors are an incredible way of decorating the home and allowing it to look larger. Group different styles and sizes of mirrors in the living room to create a focal point in the space that is eclectic.  Also consider, carved glass to make the mirror design more interesting. You can even install mirror panels for an elegant touch that looks regal. The mirrors will also reflect more natural light into the home, which will allow you to rely less on overhead lighting or lamps.

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When using horizontal mirrors, consider hanging them vertically to allow the ceiling to appear higher in the room. You also want to consider what the mirror will reflect when placing it in a specific area of the home.

Incorporate Metallic Details

Metallic details continue to remain popular with interior design and can create a stunning environment that looks high-end. Opt for chrome fixtures on your kitchen cabinets or add a gold vase on your dining room table. Mixing different types of metallic details will allow the decor to flow well with one another without looking too uniform. You can also use metallic frames on the artwork on the walls or for family photos to prevent the details from looking too dramatic.

Add Straw Rugs

Straw rugs are neutral and are a contemporary texture to use on floors for added warmth. The unique texture will complement chic details and can be used both indoors or outdoors. As your style continues to evolve over the years with your interior design, the straw rug will work as a neutral piece of decor that can flow well in different rooms of the home. Consider using a large straw area rug in the living room or in a powder room to group together the furniture pieces. The front legs of each furniture item should touch the rug to ensure that everything looks connected.

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Use Plenty of Pillows

One of the most effective ways to make your home look professionally designed is to use plenty of pillows in each room of the home. From your couch to your bed, pillows add a cozy and warm touch that will make the space appear high-end. Consider mixing different prints and patterns to create an eclectic environment that is more contemporary without trying to have everything match. You can also consider using two pairs of matching pillows on a couch or on the bed to create a room that looks professionally decorated. This will also allow the pillows to look like they came with the furniture.


Feature images credit (under CCL) by order: jinkazamah