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Posted on May 30, 2016

Top 5 Things to do on your Family Vacation to Bogor, Indonesia

Top 5 Things to do on your Family Vacation to Bogor, Indonesia

The city of Bogor is Indonesia’s 14th largest. It offers very amazing tourism opportunities by virtue of the important role it played during the middle ages when it served as the capital of the Sunda Kingdom and also given its role in the colonial periods when it housed the summer residence of the Governor General of the Dutch Indies. 

Its role as Indonesia’s premier tourism hub is bolstered by the existence of excellent accommodation facilities of which the Santika Bogor Hotel is an awesome deal featured in the Traveloka site which is the most popular online booking site for flight tickets and hotels in Southeast Asia. Santika Bogor Hotel is a 3-star hotel that is located only 6 minutes away from the Bogor Botanical Gardens, only 4 km away from the Bogor Palace, and around 9 km from The Jungle Water Adventure Water Park. It contains simple, modest rooms and suites that offer free Wi-Fi internet connectivity, flat-screen televisions and safes, plus tea and coffee-makers. Its upgraded quarters also have sitting areas and mini-fridges. Room services are provided for on a 24/7 basis.

Other than excellent accommodation facilities, tourism in the city is also facilitated by excellent transport infrastructure, adjacent natural landscapes, beautiful scenery, and waterfalls, among other natural wonders.

The rest of the discussions that follow, dare to shed more light on the subject matter of “vacation in Bogor, Indonesia” by identifying and examining the top five things for a family to do in the city.

The 5 top things to do for family in Bogor

  1. The Jungle Water Park 

It is an amusement and recreational park that is designed for the whole family in mind. It features a leisure pool, a racer slide, a kiddy pool bridge, a bird park, and other amazing facilities that are intended to completely captivate the hearts and minds of the little ones. What’s more? It does have secluded and well-manicured bushes that provide plenty of shade and other relaxation opportunities.

  1. Cilember Waterfalls 

Precisely located in the Jogjogan village, in the Cisarua District, approximately 20 km from downtown Bogor, this natural wonder offers breathtaking views, an exceptionally cool atmosphere, and a fresh ambience to any lover of nature. Families may choose to take photos with their young ones with the waterfalls in the background.

  1. Taman Wisata Matahari 

This is both an educational and a recreational park that is located in Bogor, West Java province, Indonesia. Families and students may visit the park to relax, interact, or get to learn more about nature. Its luxurious gardens also make it quite suitable for photography, not to mention of course the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua 

These are trails that offer close proximity to 2,500 of nature’s most awesome animal species e.g. zebras, hippos, orangutans, bears, giraffes, and komodo dragons. The trails are designated Taman Safari I, Taman Safari II and Taman Safari III and cover very vast swathes of land. Families may drive in these trails themselves or may be offered guided tours.

Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua

  1. Bogor Palace

This building is one of the six presidential palaces of Indonesia. It stands out of the other five palaces due to its distinctive architecture and historical features. It is situated in an area of around 284,000 square meters (28.4 hectares) and is also adjacent to a botanical garden. It offers very amazing photography opportunities to whole families.

The city of Bogor has lots of resources and tourism opportunities to showcase to any would-be visitor so much so that the subject matter of “vacation in Bogor, Indonesia” as discussed above is by no means exhaustive. There are as a matter of fact numerous waterfalls in the area that provide breathtaking sceneries to any would-be visitor. These include: Nangka Waterfall, Cibeureum Waterfall, and Curug Seribu, to mention but a few! Visitors from all over the world are therefore strongly encouraged to visit the city as soon as possible to experience for themselves what the city has to offer!


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Images credit (under CCL) by order:   JulienMike Photo Corner