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Posted on May 23, 2016

Baby On Board: JustFly’s Tips For Flying With Your Baby

Baby On Board: JustFly’s Tips For Flying With Your Baby

While flying itself can be a tedious experience, flying with young children and, especially, infants can be a trying time as a parent. There are few environments that can be as stressful for children. The airport, the plane, the people, there are numerous triggers that can turn your trip sideways before it even starts. While parents know their children best, there are some general tips out there that parents can use to make their flight smoother. In order to get some tips I spoke with JustFly, an online travel agency. They provided me with three big tips to getting to and from your destination smoothly and help your children be comfortable from point a to point b.

 Board Slowly and Get Two Seats

First things first according to JustFly’s review, make sure you get on the plane as late as possible. While rushing onto the plane feels like a logical thing to do as an adult, there are many intense aspects of boarding. People are storing bags, people are streaming through aisles, and attendants are assisting passengers. Getting in later allows for some of this chaos to subside. Also important, if you can afford it, get two seats. This gives your child a safe zone that is just for them.

 Pack Your Child’s Favourite Toys and Secure Them

Making sure you bring a trove of toys for your child is important. This will make them happy and keep them relatively distracted throughout the flight. While this seems like a no-brainer, one trick is to tie or secure the toys to tray or armrests. This will allow you to keep track of the toys and prevent them from getting lost if they fall between the seats.

kids toys

Pack Food and Plan Feedings For Takeoff And Landing 

While food and snacks are obviously important, the key, according to JustFly, is timing. The sensation of ears popping can be traumatic for children who simply don’t understand the normality of the phenomenon. Luckily, the act of chewing can help minimize the sensation of popping ears. so it is best that you plan your snacks or meals for takeoff and landing as it may help prevent or minimize the effects of ear popping.


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