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Posted on May 24, 2016

2 Family-Fun Gifts for a Fantastic Mother´s Day

2 Family-Fun Gifts for a Fantastic Mother´s Day

One of the most important celebrations of the year is almost around the corner, Mother’s day. The day is about her, gifts, special meals, reunions, etc. If you are planning this year to make all the family members participate to create the perfect gift for her, here are two ideas for making it real.

Picture Calendar

One of the ideas to get all the family together is a picture calendar. The goal is to create twelve different photos with different themes for each month. Some of them are going to be easy because some of the months already have a theme like Valentine´s day, Thanksgiving and Christmas; but the rest of them you can come up with new ideas. All the family is going to participate so you can ask them for suggestions and make a list of options, after all the themes are compiled choose the theme for each month together. Other ideas for topics can be something that mom likes or enjoys (movies, books, or TV shows, etc.) After you’ve decided the themes, is time to agree the roles in the picture. To make it more realistic you can create your own costumes, and if you need extra help with personification you can visit your closest salon; they can help you with hair and makeup, for the characterization of each theme. Make a schedule and let the family know about the date and time for the photoshoot, that will help them to plan their itinerary and be ready. Also, if at the end of choosing the pictures for the calendar you have some extra, you can use them to fill up portraits all around the house with as part of the gift. Have fun and don’t forget to smile!



Having lunch or dinner with your mom is almost a mandatory rule on Mother’s Day, but you can give it a special twist by making it a picnic outdoors. Search around the area for a perfect green spot to have the picnic, if you want to make it more intimate, with just a place for family members, you can use your backyard. Plan an easy but delightful menu for her, in which everyone can participate on helping with cooking, baking or with drinks.  Don’t forget to decorate and harmonize the area for lunch. You also can organize some family games and play after you eat.

This day is about her, the best gift for her is going to be seeing her family together and having fun.


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Images credit (under CCL) by order:  John MaffeiWellspring Community