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Posted on Apr 26, 2016

Best Family Road Trip in New Zealand

Best Family Road Trip in New Zealand

New Zealand has become a huge tourist attraction owing to its numerous exploration and adventure opportunities. Located in southwestern Pacific Ocean, the country has two main islands –the North Island and the South Island- that are both known for glaciations and volcanoes. The country has numerous rugged islands that host glaciers, forests, beaches, fiords, and thermal regions that are well preserved. A blend of traditional Maori culture with modernity especially in cosmopolitan cities makes the place enjoyable for everyone, especially for families. This brief overview looks into the top tourist destinations in New Zealand as well as how one can access with a rented car while traveling with their families. 

Top Tourist Destinations in New Zealand

Tasman National Park-

It is a huge national park that can best be described as a hiker’s dream. One can only enter by boat, small plane or foot as it is closed to vehicles. The national park features a mountainous terrain, wekas, blue penguins, wood pigeons and oystercatchers that are incredible to experience with your family.

Milford Sound-

It is known for of the world’s most incredible coastal scenery that have dark blue waters and dramatic peaks. Frequent down pours cause numerous waterfalls that beautifully cascade down the cliff.


It is the biggest city in New Zealand and is known for huge shops, restaurants as well as tours in both arena and contemplative. The city is multicultural and you get a chance to experience another culture’s tradition. It is also easy to navigate and is a must visit for anyone.

Bay of Plenty-

It unites numerous small towns including Mount Maunganui and Tauranga. The place host some of the most beautiful and authentic beaches you can find anywhere. The White Island Volcano is a favorite for many tourists.

New Zealand Road 2


This is the best place to experience the Maori culture and also see the thermal area of New Zealand. The place has amazing hot springs and vast geysers in reserves or parks. It hosts a beautiful lake just in front of the city that is a great place rest and have peace. There are numerous activities and games you can engage in that are offered by the lake.


It is one of the most beautiful and unique places in New Zealand. It features a lake where you can engage in activities such as radical sports, tours as well as incredible thermal volcanic areas. The lake is known for its trouts. It also hosts the renowned Tongariro National Park.

When planning a trip it is important to pack well and hire the right car for your trip. Rent a big car that can accommodate both you and your family. Renting a car for a reliable company such as Hertz not only eliminates the risks of wear and tear on your private car from long trips but also offers you great service during your holiday. Car rental is also important as you get to go anywhere you want and anytime you want, especially to places where public transportation is not available. In conclusion, make an informed decision to visit New Zealand for the most amazing experience of your life. Remember to travel smart by packing right and ensuring you rent an ideal car.


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