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Posted on Mar 31, 2016

The Perfect Gift for your Hosts

The Perfect Gift for your Hosts

When you live life on the road like we do, it can be tough to think of what to bring your next hosts. Do you give them the refrigerator magnet from Yosemite? A bottle of wine from California? What about that hat that says you were at Old Faithful? It is really hard to know what your next host will like.

If you live life on the road, you really appreciate being able to stay in a real house from time to time. It is such a treat to take a hot shower and converse with another person outside of your family- it is almost invaluable. Of course, you appreciate all of that stranger’s kindness, but you also need to show that appreciation. You need to make sure your host enjoys the interaction as well.

How do you show that shot just how much their generosity means to you? It is not as hard as you think. You do not need to wrack your brain trying to match the perfect gift to your host’s personality. “Have they never been to Europe? Maybe I’ll give them the little Eiffel Tower keychain.” “Did they say they love Australia? What about the stuffed koala toy?” “Is there family Jewish? Definitely something from our trip to Israel.” It really does not have to be that complex.

chocolate chip cookies

There is one thing that every family does love, that is a sweet treat. Of course, since you are on the road you do not have time to bake your host something personally. Even if you did have the time, you don’t have the facilities to. And that is okay- because you can simply trust Cheryl’s to do that for you.

Cheryl’s makes an amazing variety of sweet treats that will show your host just how much you appreciate their kindness. When you get to the door with a big old box of mint chocolate chip cookies, wait to see the smile light up their face. It is hard not to love a guest who brings cookies. Trust in the power of cookies to show your host just how much they mean to you.


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Images credit (under CCL) by order:  alvanmanSabrina S