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Posted on Mar 6, 2016

Special Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

Special Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

Your wedding is a very special day that only comes once in your life (hopefully) so naturally you’ll want to make it one of a kind. However, so many weddings these days are cookie cutter events that are not very different from each other – with the same style of flowers, music, decoration and food. If you want to make your wedding stand out from the rest, you will need to think outside the box and do something memorable.

So how can you make your wedding unique and special? Here are a few ideas that will get your creative juices flowing:

  • Don’t be afraid to wear a colourful wedding dress. It doesn’t have to be traditionally white – why not wear something different such as peach, rose, blue, green or coral? Keep the silhouette of the dress in the traditional bridal fashion, so that it will still look like a wedding dress.
  • Create a unique backdrop for your vows, such as a crystal chandelier or some vintage furniture. Work with your event designer at your wedding venue (such as Carden Park near Chester) to create something unique that will make a striking impression.
  • When the ceremony is over and it’s time for the cocktail hour, you could go for a costume change. Slip into a shorter dress, let your hair down and add a different pair of shoes that are better for dancing in.
  • When it comes to the dessert course, serve the absolute favourite treats of the bride and groom. You’ll get to eat your favourite dessert on your special day and your guests will get to taste it too.
  • Have your guestbook be a beautiful coffee table book about a subject that you love. Your guests can write photos in the margins and you’ll want to display the book at home and look it over.
  • Give all of the tables at your reception different names, such as the name of your dog, the street you first lived on together, the place where you met, the type of wine you drank on your first date, etc.
  • Create a hashtag that your guests can use when they are sharing their photos and updates from your weddings on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Make a custom colouring book with cartoon versions of yourselves for the kids table, so that the little ones have something fun and unique to do.
  • You might even want to consider having a side room where the kids can play. Hire a childminder or two and set up the room with Disney movies, a tub of Lego, some video games and plenty of other things to keep them busy. The parents will love you for keeping their kids entertained so that they can socialise and the kids will remember your wedding as the best they ever attended.

wedding 2

  • Your wedding favour could be a custom mix CD soundtrack with all of the music that is meaningful and significant to your relationship.
  • Decorate your wedding venue with photos of you and your spouse from your childhood. It’s a sweet and nostalgic walk down memory lane and your guests will love looking back on what you were like when you were little.
  • Create a custom cocktail or two that represent you and your spouse and serve them at your reception.
  • You can get your wedding band customised with the imprint of your thumbprint on the inside of the ring – making these beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewellery even more personal.
  • Read your vows by candlelight. When the guests attend your ceremony they each get a candle. When it comes time to read the vows, your groomsmen can light the candle at the end of each row and your guests can pass along the flame. This is a beautiful and meaningful touch that really adds a lot of romance to the moment.
  • Instead of having guests clink glasses or ring bells to make the happy couple kiss during the reception, have your guests sing love songs to you.
  • Have the first dance songs of your parents and your married siblings played at the reception as a nod to their happy marriages. Make sure that the DJ says a little something when the song is played.

These are just a few ways to make your wedding unique at any of the best wedding venues in Chester– so what creative ideas will you incorporate into your special day?


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Images credit (under CCL) by order:  Hong Chang BumMattie B