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Posted on Mar 7, 2016

Healthcare and Medical Jobs are in Demand in Australia

Healthcare and Medical Jobs are in Demand in Australia

One of the most quickly growing sectors in Australia is the healthcare industry and there is a great demand for workers in this field. The population of Australia is rapidly ageing and over the next several years there will be a lot of demand for employment in the physiotherapy, nursing and aged care sectors. What’s more, a study by the Health Workforce Australia predicts a shortfall of 2,700 doctors and 109,000 nurses in Australia by 2025.

If you are considering emigrating to Australia and you work in the healthcare sector there will be a lot of opportunities available – more so than any other industry. With 500 private healthcare facilities and 750 public hospitals, the health facilities in Australia are equipped with modern technology and are excellent places to work. Working within the healthcare sector in Australia will ensure that you always have a range of great opportunities for rewarding and challenging jobs available.

Most In Demand Medical Jobs in Australia

So what are the jobs in demand in Australia in the healthcare sector? Here are a few of the positions that are most in demand at the moment in the health sector in Australia:

General Practitioners

A General Practitioner has a very important role in the healthcare system of Australia and they will treat patients and diagnose health conditions. The labour force in Australia has reported that the number of employed GPs has increased to about 20.7% for the last four decades. There are a lot of opportunities in this sector to work as primary care practitioners, specialists in training, specialists, clinicians and hospital non-specialists. There will be more demand for GPs in rural areas, so you won’t struggle to find a job in this field.

Nurses and Midwives

If you have nursing or midwife experience you will find lots of jobs available in Australia in nursing homes, hospitals, community health centres, acute care facilities and other areas. If you do not have experience you should look into accelerated nursing programs, because according to statistics, the need for both types of jobs has increased by 6.2% over the last decades. If you are experienced in this field and you enjoy this type of work, you will find a lot of opportunities for work as a midwife or a nurse in Australia.



There is also a lot of demand for dentists in Australia and these professionals prevent, treat and diagnose diseases in the gums, teeth and jaws of their patients. The majority of dentists in Australia work within the private sector, but there are others in the public sector as well. Although there has been a lot of progress in oral health in Australia for the last few decades, there have still been dental problems that have remained a significant health complaint. Dental issues are the fourth most common illness next to hypertension, colds and headache.

Aged Care Workers

The demand for aged care workers in Australia is set to double in the five years to 2020, so this is a very promising career path to follow in Australia. Aged care workers have the responsibility of taking care of the social and medical needs of the elderly, so that their final years can be as comfortable as possible. As well as having the right qualifications and education for this job, it is important to have a lot of compassion and patience for working with elderly individuals.


More Australians are reaching the end of their working lives and have a range of physical conditions that need to be carefully managed. As a result, physiotherapy jobs are in demand. This is another great job opportunity within the healthcare industry and it usually requires at least a Bachelor’s degree.

These are just a few of the healthcare and medical jobs that are currently in demand in Australia. If you are emigrating to Australia and you have medical qualifications this will be an advantage to you, as you will have many opportunities for challenging, high paying and rewarding work. Also, if your profession is on the skills in demand list, you will have a much better chance of getting a work visa. If you plan to emigrate to Australia from the UK, contact The Emigration Group for help making the process go as smoothly as possible.


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Images credit (under CCL) by order:  Marko MikkonenMonash University