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Posted on Feb 18, 2016

6 Places You Have to Visit with Kids in 2016

6 Places You Have to Visit with Kids in 2016

Despite the fact that now is the middle of February, it is still the beginning of the year. Right now is also a perfect time to start planning your next vacations, since you can book hotels online, plane tickets, and other travel essentials a lot cheaper and without any additional struggling.

But what countries and places should be worth your attention, especially if you are going to travel with your kids? Bellow, we are going to share our personal selections of six perfect kids-friendly destinations all around the globe. All of these places are beautiful, educational, and will never be forgotten! 

Vilnius, Lithuania

Although then we think about the perfect place to travel with children we don’t initially think about Lithuania. Butt this is definitely a huge mistake. One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Lithuania – the capital, Vilnius – is definitely worth considered traveling in 2016.


In fact, this small Baltic country is much underrated, but that might mean a good thing – here you won’t meet tons of other tourists. So locals will be friendlier, and customer service might be the best you ever had! In fact, UNESCO World Heritage Site noticed the beauty of this capital as well, since the old town of Vilnius right now is protected by UNESCO. Vilnius is surely a perfect place to consider.

Normandy, France

The whole France is just one huge piece of candy for all travelers. But in 2016, the stunning landscape of Normandy definitely is worth of your consideration and time visiting. First of all, because of the annual Tour de France biking competition that is going to start in the picturesque Mont-St-Michel. Also, let’s not forget that here you can stop by at the Triannual Impressionist Festival located all around Normandy too.


Therefore, kids will get a chance to see either the greatest athletes of the world or learn a bit about beautiful French art, while you, parents, can enjoy old architecture and charming scenery altogether with amazingly romantic France’s spirit.

Stratford-upon-Avon, England

2016 is actually a very important year for all literature lovers. And especially for those who love English poetry and William Shakespeare! Why? This year the whole country will honor Shakespeare because 2016 is the 400th anniversary of his death.


Hence, this charming riverside city is preparing a lot of interesting activities, plays, and tours all dedicated to this genius. So, traveling into Stratford-upon-Avon will be super exciting for the whole family for sure as kids will get a chance to learn about literature while parents will be able to rest in a pleasant little town near the river Avon.


Another undiscovered pearl worth visiting in 2016 is Guam. Here, head to the Western Pacific Beaches of Guam for beautiful white sand beaches and warm water all year long. Or choose to learn a bit more about this small country and the whole Pacific region traditions in the stunning Pacific Arts festival which will take place in Guam this year. Here, surely you and your little ones can fit a bit of culture in between the sea, sand, and sun everybody loves!


Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

2016 marks the centennial of the USA’s National Parks Services, so every single place somehow connected to parks in the USA will be a perfect place to visit for sure. There is also a big chance that entering many of national parks won’t need a fee. Therefore, you can plan a trip and visit as many national parks as you can.


But we firmly recommend you to start with Acadia’s national park in New England. It is not just breathtakingly beautiful, but it is also full of amazing local culture as well. Such coastal towns like Camden and Portland are fantastic to stay at and experience the culture, cuisine and nature all together.

Bavaria, Germany

Lastly, amazing Bavaria with its huge beautiful fairytale-like castles and incredible culture. However, Bavaria is, of course, best to visit in the fall for Oktoberfest, but you can definitely stop by here other time of the year and find something to do with the whole family as well.


This stunning historical region of Germany is a bucket-list location year round, with its gorgeous mountains and magical castles you can definitely take a tour at. In fact, if you kids are huge fans of fairytales, you can even book a special Grimm Brothers tour and visit all the places pictured in the most famous tales your children love!


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