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Posted on Jan 6, 2016

FlightHub’s Guide on How to Get Your Kids Excited for an Upcoming Vacation

FlightHub’s Guide on How to Get Your Kids Excited for an Upcoming Vacation

With parents of anxious children or those who don’t take well to disruptions in their daily routines, planning a family vacation can be difficult, especially when it comes to getting them excited. FlightHub Review has prepared some fun ways to ease your child into vacation mode that’ll leave them more excited than ever for their family trip.

Begin dropping hints about taking a trip and then tell them in a creative way

FlightHub thinks that parents should begin talking with their children about a family vacation and test the waters; are they interested? Do they seem excited at the prospect? By beginning these talks, parents are able to ease the idea of leaving home for a while in a manner that helps children understand and get comfortable with the idea.

The next step FlightHub suggests is thinking of a creative way to tell your kids about their big adventure! FlightHub is huge fan of games, so setting up a scavenger hunt, or creating a family game designed to tell the kids about their destination is a great way for them to get excited prior to you departure date.

family travel airport

Begin a countdown for your departure date, but with a twist!

Begin a countdown as early (or late) as you wish, but FlightHub recommends to incorporate a different educational aspect of the country or city you’ll be visiting for every day of the final countdown. Whether they’re fun facts, learning about a country’s history, or discovering their national animals, engaging your children like this is an excellent way to prepare them for their journey! By doing this FlightHub believes that kids will begin to grasp and understand that they’re visiting a place that isn’t home, and learning about the world’s diversity and culture in a fun way!

Let them see your travel itinerary 

Letting children engage with how they’ll travel is an excellent way for them to visualize the places they’re going to. Understanding the journey they’re about to take may also help in their preparation for the trip, and can also keep them engaged once you fly out. Let them look at maps, airplane configurations, bus or train routes is an excellent way for children to see their trip unfold. FlightHub strongly encourages parents to actively engage kids in this regard, which may help on travel day! They have an idea of how to get to their destination, and it’s also a great way for them to track and keep themselves entertained while on the trek over.

family travel train

Show them pictures of where they’ll be going

FlightHub thinks having your kids interact with their destination (though remotely!) is a great way for them to have an understanding of what to expect once they’re there. If they can visualize the places (or see it through google maps), then children begin to generate a sense of excitement. FlightHub believes that letting your children visualize the travel aspect also begins to set up expectations for the plane or bus ride. You get the time to research things about the country and get a feel for where you’ll be, and what your surroundings offer in terms of activities and sites. Letting them see familiar landmarks or recognizable buildings can also turn into a fun activity or scavenger hunt for them!


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