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Posted on Jan 7, 2016

Airbnb and Family Vacations: FlightHub Asks If It’s Worth It?

Airbnb and Family Vacations: FlightHub Asks If It’s Worth It?

It’s the New Year and as winter sets in and the cold begins to creep up on us, FlightHub is willing to bet good money that you’re dreaming of warmer places and an escape from Old Man Winter. You’ve got your dream destination in mind and flights are cheap to the sun-destinations, but you’re wondering if that run-of-the mill, all-inclusive vacation is worth it this time around.

FlightHub Review is here to discuss the pros and cons of renting with an Airbnb for your next family vacation, or if you should opt for the all-inclusive stays instead.

In recent years, Airbnb became a major player alternative option for accommodations around the world. Their services are beneficial for both travelers and hosts alike, as it benefits both parties financially, as well as connecting strangers from across the world.

As a family, FlightHub understands that an Airbnb option is a great way to spend time in an unknown or recently rediscovered destination, while allowing you the comforts of a home away from your own. In addition to these benefits, FlightHub also views Airbnb rentals as in a positive way as they’re typically more affordable than traditional hotels and all-inclusive vacation accommodations.

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Having a home with all the fixings while away is a wonderful luxury that many families would enjoy while on vacation, and Airbnb provides just that. FlightHub views the options for families to choose the exact type of vacation they’re looking for based on the types of homes listed in the area is a huge plus! Whether you’re looking to book beachside homes, get lost in a jungle, or if you’re interested in getting ride in the middle of all the city life, Airbnb homes are plentiful to choose from. FlightHub also believes that an Airbnb offers great family-time without the commotion of sharing space, time and resources with other guests at a hotel. You can dictate the day’s activities, eat whenever you want, and have the vacation you want.

Though this is a wonderful alternative for families looking for a different kind of vacation, staying in an Airbnb does come with some pitfalls. FlightHub cautions families travelling with younger children, as renting someone else’s home may bring the burden of home-tasks with you: cooking, general cleaning, and other household chores may be necessary while staying in your rented home. There’s no room service to fall back on, and typical rental agreements stipulate little to no mess be made. This may deter some families who enjoy the convenience of room service offered at larger hotels.

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If you’re deterred from the thought of general house chores while away, then FlightHub strongly suggests reconsidering your desire to rent an Airbnb. In addition to house chores, factoring in and budgeting for food is another unexpected cost that might deter families for searching out Airbnb’s. However, this may be a blessing in disguise for family members who suffer from dietary restrictions, allowing you the flexibility and confidence of knowing what’s going into your food (because you made it!)

In all, FlightHub believes that depending on the type of vacation you’re looking for and the kind of family you are, Airbnb’s are still great and viable options for family trips around the world.


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