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Posted on Dec 16, 2015

Education Tips for Nomadic Families

Education Tips for Nomadic Families

Living the nomadic life may sound romantic to some, especially when you read about it online at a blog like this one. But taking your kids out of their normal routine and plunging into a life filled with travel and adventure has both its ups and downs. Bonds formed while travelling can be some of the strongest they may create and the lessons learned while on the road will last them a lifetime. But what about schooling, formal schooling, you may ask. Is there a way for kids to get both the structure they will need and the education that travel affords? It probably depends on the kind of school they were in before you hit the road.

Toddlers and Pre-School

We live in California in an area that has some pretty amazing schools. Whether you are thinking of grade school or preschool Fremont CA has some pretty good schools to offer that are beyond the conventional educational route. Enrolling them in the type of schools that encourage open and creative problem solving such as the Montessori schools could make the transition easier. Meanwhile, the kids in the younger grades might be helped by their older siblings if you choose to do remote schooling for them while on the road. In addition, the web has opened up a number of great online schools that teach kids everything from the basics to math, art and more. This will also mean that while you are on the road your kids will continue to stay connected with online classmates and teachers even if they are in a foreign country.

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perpetually barefoot, kids in Quichway/Spanish school in Ecuador

Education Beyond Classrooms

In the end though, you have to admit that when you take your kids on any kind of an extended trip, the biggest learning is going to come from the world around them. Whether you travel to exotic locations like Timbuktu or want to take them to see their roots in Europe or China, it will change them. When kids see how different people live, how the life they lead is not the only way to live it, they expand their horizons and want to understand more. So for anyone who is hesitant about taking their kids out of their traditional school and spending a month, six months or even a year on the road, take the plunge. Your kids will be richer for the experience, you will connect with them at a whole new level and in the end they will be truly citizens of the world instead of just that one little corner you now call home.


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