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Posted on Oct 28, 2015

Prices and Queues Top the List of Biggest Annoyances at Airports

Prices and Queues Top the List of Biggest Annoyances at Airports

UK-based online travel agency has completed a piece of research that showed the things Brits were most annoyed at when at an airport. Busy terminals, expensive purchase prices and queues were the three things that irritated them most. It was also found that most British people find their experience at an airport ‘very’ stressful.

British people’s opinion of how the experience their time at an airport has been researched by Sunshine, a UK-based independent online travel agency. This piece of researched looked specifically at things that annoyed passengers when they are passing through. The study showed that the queues that most people experience at airports topped the list of various annoyances. is performing various pieces of research that look specifically at British travel and holiday experiences. For this particular study, they interviewed 1,952 people, all of whom were residents of the UK and over the age of 18. They had all also used an airport for travel in the past six months.

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Participants in the study were asked a series of questions. One presented them with a list of possible annoyances and they were asked to select which ones they found the most irritating of all. They also had the possibility to add their own annoyances if it was not included in the list.

The top 10 annoyances were calculated from these answers and were revealed as being:

  1. Strictness of procedures – 5%
  2. Having to hand over a boarding pass for every purchase – 11%
  3. Rude staff – 16%
  4. Priority boarders – 17%
  5. Waiting for luggage – 24%
  6. Everything being far apart – 27%
  7. Hyperactive children – 32%
  8. How busy airports are – 47%
  9. Price of items like food and drink – 68%
  10. Queues – 79%

Participants were then asked how stressful they found the entire experience at the airport to be. 53% of people said they found it ‘very’ stressful. Participants were then asked why they found it so stressful and 66% of them said that it was mainly due to the fact that they were rushing around because they didn’t have sufficient time for all they needed to do. 9% of respondents said that they found their overall experience to be ‘very stressful’, saying that the reason for this was due to their anxiety over the upcoming flight.

49%, almost half, of respondents said that, when at an airport, they ‘always’ drank alcohol. Of these, 37% said that they did this so that their experience at the airport was ‘more bearable’. Additionally, 28% stated that they drank in order to start getting into the holiday spirit.

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The managing director of, Chris Clarkson, who was the lead on the research stated that:

“The airport experience needn’t be a stressful one. If it’s your outbound trip and you’re starting off your holiday, stressing about everything isn’t going to get your trip off to the best start. Plan ahead to avoid any stressful situations; leave the house early to get there in plenty of time, pay a little extra for priority boarding, check in online if you only have hand luggage and pack your own, security-friendly food and snacks to take.

He added:

“A lot of the airport annoyances are simply unavoidable. They are busy places and you’re bound to be faced with crowds, hyperactive children and some of the more unfriendly members of staff that can be found in airports, but don’t let any of that put a dampener on your holiday! Just look forward to kicking back on that beach and let any irritations fizzle out!”


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