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Posted on Jul 27, 2015

Our First Family Travel Cruise Ever!  Sail the Baltic Sea with Tallink Silja

Our First Family Travel Cruise Ever! Sail the Baltic Sea with Tallink Silja


We are feeling so very international and swave now, now that we’ve experienced our first cruise. We just went on a 20-hour Stockholm, Sweden to Riga, Latvia Tallink Silja International Cruise! You see, we’ve been perpetually barefoot, and done the liquified homelessness thing, and we even, even, even did the I Hate This Home, and That One and This One, but always, always, always we dreamed of a cruise ship.

And then, and then, we still want our cruises dream. I’ve told you about it, right? I want to spend 6 months of a rtw cruise ship teaching spirituality classes and meditation as part of the entertainment staff. The kids say they are dying to do it, but who knows if 6 months will not sound so hot after a week? I don’t think you can get off the ship once you sign a contract. At any rate, we’re dreaming of an Alaskan cruise, or one off of Chile, no, no, we want cold, anywhere where we can experience whales and icebergs and that which we still have not. Alaska would be amazing!

Life on the Road Dreams for Five Different Souls- Finding Balance, Can We?


It just was this big, glitzy bucket list magical wish, one that we referred to quite often. We even bravely talked about living on a ship for a year, inspired by Tamer our Turkish sailor friend.

I’m sailing away, set an open course for the Baltic sea
I’ve got to be free, free to face the life that’s ahead of me

-STYX [editing by moi]


Why I Never Want To Live On A Boat

So, now that I’m a certified diver (as are most of the rest of the crew) and have been on them quite a bit, I can tell you that it’s a lie. I would live on a boat, and a cruise ship ain’t no small jetty tumbled in the waves like a sock in the washing machine. But, still, it’s so funny to read this post and see the video in which I’m about to barf and yes, yes, it is true, I do lick the floor of the ship, but it was not intentional. Here’s an excerpt: (well worth the read!)

I won’t live on a boat because of what you witnessed in the fore-displayed pitiful video. It’s that obvious. Yes, I also thought it looked a bit sexy, for lack of a better word. I guess in my literally hundreds of videos to you I have never done one lying on my side, on the floor, with my tongue sticking out, hair down, camera going up and down, and the wind blowing like that, so, I can see why the sexual thought comes up. Oh, and yes, it was gross but my tongue did touch that grossly dirty floor. Totally not on purpose, but it did. – Throw Up: Why I Never Want to Live on a Boat


Our First Cruise Ship Experience in 3.5 Grand Minutes

It’s really good! Really, really good! This entire movie-making experience is giving me a new art form to express myself with, and in less words and more of a vibrant visual display, I think you’ll enjoy the story it portrays. My favorite parts are 1- where the music changes and we’re all walking so cool down the hallway and Dahnya is soooo nauseous and 2- where you see all the unreal nighttime entertainment dancing. They were truly phenomenal.

And without further ado…

Bucket List Dreams I’ve Told You About

1- I’ve told you about our dream of working on a cruise ship. We ideally want to get a 3 month entertainment contract on a rtw cruise ship. That way, our cabin and meals and fully covered, we make income, and I get to spend a few hours a day talking about energy healing, meditation, chakra balancing, and making the most of your relationships and life. I can do that joyfully. – The Nomadic Family No Longer Nomadic?

And as a cherry on top, our Tallink Silja Stockholm-Riga Cruise Facebook Album.

THANK YOU TALLINK SILJA INTERNATIONAL!!!! Thank you for sponsoring us this summer and enabling us to explore the Baltic Sea Capitals to our hearts’ content!

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Only the Very Special, Rich, Lucky, and Perfect Like Me Can Travel


We’ve written a highly inspirational e-book about money and how you can take these ten steps to make your travel dreams come true. It has helped many and helps us continue our travel dreams. I do hope you will consider spending the $8 and learning/ be reminded of what you can do, starting today, to make your family world travel dreams come true. You can do it too friends. You can. You can.

Thank you dearly,

Gabi, Kobi, Solai, Dahnya, and Orazi





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