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Posted on Jul 10, 2015

Dangerously Thrilling: 7 Most Dangerous Roads of the World

Dangerously Thrilling: 7 Most Dangerous Roads of the World

If you thought a car drive or a ride on the bike on the most challenging curves and bends was the ultimate nirvana to achieve, think again! There is always a hunter within us, innate and quiet but ever-so-wandering for that ultimate kick, isn’t it? We dare you folks to think of your next adventurous trip on one of these devilish roads- steep slopes, unending winds and bends, curves that fall yonder and mirages ahead. Today, we unravel for you 7 such dangerously thrilling roads, which are sure to up your adrenaline rush.

1. Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia

One of the longest roads where eagles thrive in packs, the Trans-Siberian Highway is a challenge most dare not talk about, let alone drive or ride! You really never know what lies ahead, it could be dense forests to Rocky Mountains, parched deserts and everything that can boggle your mind like never before. Situated on the infamous number one highway for the daring at heart, you can sure to expect the tires to burst with the rocky terrains and unpaved roads welcoming you, and if you thought this would be the perfect way to laze next Sunday- we hope you change your mind now!

2. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

With one and a half kilometres of a dark-pitch-black tunnel to its name, and one of the devilish havens to traverse, Guoliang Tunnel Road in China with its length and breadth can leave you tizzy and dizzy. Forget the stereos and the music, and pay good attention while being behind the wheel on the Guoliang Tunnel Road, lest you are out there to end your life. One wrong turn or a shift in focus means death for the traveller.

3. Cotopaxi Volcano Road, Ecuador

The Pan-American Highway in all its forty kilometre long dirt track is known as the road less travelled by the weak-hearted, but as you head towards the infamous Cotopaxi Volcano National Park in Ecuador on a lazy morning, get ready to face the devils welcome as you embark on the Cotopaxi Volcano Road, Ecuador. If you love your car or bike, don’t make it traverse the slipperiest of slopes and deepest of potholes along the way. Precarious conditions and climes add to the woes, and should you come out alive on the other end to watch the volcano in all her glory, do give us a call!

4. Arica to Iquique Road (Chile)

As a famous pop star sang “This time for Africa” when the FIFA World Cup was on, most tourists were excited about the infamous route less taken, to travel on. From winding roads to deep gorges and valleys, reminders of accidents as the route is dotted with vehicle skeleton, speedy cars and isolated mise-en-scene to deal with. You’d be wondering if the Arica to Iquique Road (Chile) is the right road to take. Please reconsider your travel route and avoid mishaps!

5. BR-116, Brazil

BR-116, Brazil- second largest roadway in the whole of Brazil- also popularly called the “Highway of Death”. Do we say more? Statistics from the traffic teams has it, the BR-116, Brazil route has seen more accidents and deaths on the road than any other highway in Brazil! Apart from the poor maintenance and upkeep, get ready to fight off bandits and mafia gangs too!

BR-116, Brazil

6. Zojila Pass

At an altitude of 3500kms, the Zojila Pass in India with its unforgiving terrains, rocky climbs and steep rock strips is a splendid beauty in its own rights. But don’t be fooled yet! You rather embark on a mission to visit the aliens in Mars than be on the Zojila Road. With nine kilometres to its name, and linking Kashmir to Ladakh, you would often find boulders and rocks tumbling over; add to that the steep fall and cliffs- we wouldn’t want you on this route ever!

 7. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

The “Road of Death” in Bolivia or the North Yungas Road, Bolivia, is another dangerous highway to be on, and a very infamously famous one that too. Mostly traversed by trucks and buses, night and day, the stumbling rocks and the tumble of all things dangerous as you pass by this route would keep you on tenterhooks while you drive. Drivers are warned to be extra-cautious while passing other vehicles, because one wrong turn could mean meeting Grim the Reaper here, and no one would even know!


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