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Posted on Jun 24, 2015

4 Amazing Adventure Trips in Asia

4 Amazing Adventure Trips in Asia

Travelling to Asia can be a real adventure, as it is the world’s largest and most populated continent and offers any adventurer a hugely diverse set of environments, cultures and climates to explore. The boundaries of this vast place known as Asia are perhaps more cultural than geographical including the massive countries of China, Saudi Arabia and India as well smaller, yet well-known tourist locations such as Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. This region of the world is characterised by both megacities and more natural regions where hardly any humans live meaning travellers can experience the pleasures of both environments.

One reason many travellers choose this region is to explore the enormous and impressive temples that can be found throughout much of Asia. Angkor Wat is thought to be the largest temple complex in the world and conjures up evocative images of the past that really bring it to life. Other notable temples are, The Taj Mahal in India, The Golden Temple which is a mix of Hindu and Islamic architecture, Swedagon Paya – a Buddhist monument, Borobudur Temple, and Jokhand Temple in Tibet.

China is a beautiful place to explore and can offer travellers many months of entertainment. Stopping off in Beijing and Shanghai can be a great place to start your adventure. Shanghai is full of markets, gardens and temples as well as some impressive modern architecture and nightlife. From Beijing you can easy get out to that iconic piece of engineering – The Great Wall of China. From Shanghai it is possible to take an overnight train to Xi’an which gives access to the Terracotta Warriors site.


Thailand, Laos and Cambodia
These three countries are a great trio to visit together. You can experience the vibrant activity of cities like Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, visit natural wonders such as the limestone karsts or the Halong Bay caves, and get a taste for delicious Thai cuisine that is available in Chiang Mai.

Middle East
Many countries in the Middle East are also considered to be part of Asia, but present a very different cultural experiences. There is a long and rich human history to be explored in this region as it is considered the birthplace of human civilization and of several religions. It also contains a mixture of ethnic groups including Arabs, Turks, Persians and Jews, as well as minority groups such as the Kurds and Armenians. There are many beautiful natural sites to see in this region including desert landscapes and the exotic wildlife that is present in Oman. However, any traveller venturing into this region should be aware of the difficulties involved in venturing into certain areas. Tourists are unlikely to get insurance in Afghanistan or Iraq for example.

Middle East

There is a huge amount to see in Asia and it will present most travellers with an antidote to the well-ordered life that can be found in the western world. With so much to see, it is best to plan a trip carefully and not try to fit too much in.


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