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Posted on Jun 12, 2015

16 Documented Reasons to Delve into your Nature-Loving, Adventure Spirit in Malaysia-Nomad Adventures Earth Camp [Videos that Rock]

16 Documented Reasons to Delve into your Nature-Loving, Adventure Spirit in Malaysia-Nomad Adventures Earth Camp [Videos that Rock]

nomad adventures, white river rafting, earth camp

God, were we unprepared. We had every best intention to fall in love with this unreal place, to enjoy it’s connectedness to Mother Earth, and to enjoy the zip line, the omega, the caving, the white river rafting, and the unreal staff of Nomad Adventures, and we did, we did, we did, but we were just very lost and tired during this point of our adventures, as we’ve been so many other times on the road, and off. So all of our videos reflect how cool the place is and how much going to Earth Camp with kids is an unreal endless adventure that you cannot ever, ever forget (we are eternally grateful for being invited to participate in it all) and still, we were just tired and a bit overwhelmed with our lives, which is also partially portrayed between the lines. 🙂

And why now? Cuz we’re about to hit the road again and we look forward and backwards in spiral, joyful waves and love everything we experienced, and yes, we want to look back and bow, and share, and re-celebrate how wonderful and complicated and ever-so-simple it all is.

1- Arriving at Earth Camp

2- Super Dahnya Scales Ropes Course

3- Nomad Adventure Zip Line for Kids

4- Amazing Family Activities

5- Ship Shape Shacks for Showering, Shaving & Shitting

6- Harboring Independence, Resiliency, Safety, & Confidence

7- Eco-Friendly Ropes Course for Kids

8-Facing Nature- Being Realistic

9- Wild Animal Captured

10- Waking Up in a Tree House

11-Tree House Morning

12-Nomad Adventures Zip Line for Kids

13- Insane Adventure Ride

14- Almost Ready to Go- River Rafting Families

15- Crazy Ride to Earth Camp after River Rafting

16- Deep in Jungle, Ropes Course, & Mosquitoes



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  1. shut up! you did not watch all 16 videos. damn you love me, and i love you. and now, off to work, to build a dream eco-home in romania. loooove it. totally inspired and liked (of course) the new simple living romania. can’t believe where life takes us, huh?


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