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Posted on May 6, 2015

Kobi’s Solo Travel – Going Back to Kuala Lumpur

Kobi’s Solo Travel – Going Back to Kuala Lumpur

So the long family trip was over, but really over and long behind us and here we are back to the normal day-to-day life where the kids are back to school and we are back to the usual errands. But still, we kept the urge of traveling. So on April 1st, I, Kobi, packed my bags and left for a lone-ranger journey in Asia, visiting familiar and new places.

In order to save some money on this trip, as we did for the three and half years on the family journey, I booked a flight to Bangkok via Amman, Jordan.  If was aware of how long and frustrating the travel all the way to Siem Reap would be, I probably do it differently.  The travel started leaving home in Kiryat Shemona (leaving Gabi to be a single mom for few weeks) on 5:00 am and arriving to Siem Reap the next day 3:30 PM. The connection times were long in each airport and I did not have the condition to sleep. I had arrived to Siem Reap so exhausted and broken. 

In Siem Reap:

SR 1

SR 2

SR 3

But the good news are that I had learned from this and decided a different approach on the next lag of the journey.  On the way to Hong Kong, I had to stop in Kuala Lumpur to catch the connecting flight by Air Asia.  This time I did not rush for early flights and suffered long connection in the airport. This time I had decided to have a great rest at affordable hotel near the airport of Kuala Lumpur and booked myself into Concorde Inn Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)  which is part of the amazing HPL Hotels & Resorts, and which we been before when we traveled as a family.  Again, this stay was awesome and I managed to get a good rest before taking the next flight.   I was so happy to see that not only the food there was so great, but the room were actually even better.  The hotel has been renovating all rooms and I was lucky to enjoy one of the renovated ones 🙂  I guess the images will speak for themselves.

The Rooms:

KLIA room 1

KLIA room 2

KLIA Room 3







As I am trying to keep the balance in my diet while traveling, I realized that Concorde Inn Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), as part of the daily buffet breakfast, serves a great salad section. Some premade salads just to enjoy and also….. make your own salad!! I just loved it.. After adding all the goodies to the salad, I am still not sure I kept my diet balance 🙂

Great Stuff around the Hotel:

Out side the rooms. Feels like a village

Out side the rooms. Feels like a village

Great clean swimming pool

Great clean swimming pool

KLIA outside

The Gym

The Gym

KLIA to swimming pool

The vast football field

The vast football field

The tennis and badminton courts

The tennis and badminton courts

Beautiful Fountain near the Melting Pot Cafe

Beautiful Fountain near the Melting Pot Cafe

KLIA biz center

The Executive Business Center with computers and printers

The Executive Business Center with computers and printers

The dinner was even better! So much great options and variety on the Melting Pot Cafe‘s buffet. I was also offered my dinner of the menu but I stuck with the buffet.  And while consuming the amazing food, there was live band playing great familiar songs. At one point they even approached me and ask which songs I like.. so I gave it.. the one song you cannot go wrong.. “Hotel California” by the Eagles.  It was so great!!! I want after dinner to enjoy their performance as well in the Crossroads Lounge over great beer.

Melting Pot Cafe and the Amazing Food:

KLIA melting pot 4

KLIA Melting Pot 3

KLIA Melting Pot 2

Group table ready for the famous Steamboat

KLIA Melting Pot 1

KLIA melting pot cafe 7

KLIA melting pot cafe 6

KLIA melting pot cafe 8

KLIA melting pot cafe 5

KLIA melting pot cafe 4

KLIA melting pot cafe 3

KLIA melting pot cafe 2 KLIA melting pot cafe 1


Crossroads Lounge:

Crossroads Lounge

Crossroads Lounge

KLIA loveShack

On the day of the departure to Hong Kong, the hotel provided me the in home a complimentary shuttle service to the airport that runs every hour. This service is complimentary to all guests.  And I left not before the amazing staff, Shafika and May, came to say good bye and I was even gifted a fare will package!!!  Thank you!!

Not need to say that the service and kindness of the staff was above and beyond.. caring for every aspect of the stay.

KLIA staff

KLIA meet the staff

KLIA Shuttle

I find that traveling in Malaysia is so much fun and so comfortable and pleasant.  This my first time visiting Malaysia alone but I had been here with the family, The Nomadic Family, already before.   I am heading for Hong Kong for the first time and I am full of excitements mixed with concerns as this is my time courchsurfing as well.



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