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Posted on Mar 26, 2015

Traveling with Kids: The Only Education They Need

Traveling with Kids: The Only Education They Need

No one can deny the importance of getting a formal education but there is only so much that can be learned though textbooks. We are living in a global society where digital communications make it possible to talk to people from literally all over the world. In schools children are taught about different cultures, shown pictures of faraway lands and they learn about some of the geographical wonders peculiar to each continent. Unfortunately, all these things cannot prepare them for life in the real world.

Actually seeing these places and meeting these people they’ve learned about is so much more fulfilling from an educational perspective. Whether you have taken a year-long sabbatical or simply plan to spend the summer traveling with kids, the only education they need will be learning first-hand about peoples and places they can only imagine when reading books. You, as a parent, can play a vital role in their educational development. Here are some places you might want to consider taking your kids to learn first-hand about the marvels of the world.

The Giza Pyramids in Egypt

There probably isn’t a school in the Western World where children aren’t introduced to the great pyramids of Egypt. Built more than 4,000 years ago, the pyramids speak of a time when Egypt was amongst the wealthiest civilizations in the world. Built as tombs for Egypt’s pharaohs who were thought of as gods, these amazing structures still hold visitors in awe. Here is where you open a child’s mind to the many questions which still plague scholars today. How was it possible to build such architecturally magnificent structures without the aid of technology?

Giza Pyramids in Egypt

Touring the Archaeological Remains of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire is also studied in schools around the world as it represents the longest period of ‘world domination’ that lasted for a phenomenal 500 years. It is so exciting to take your children to a land where Julius Caesar reigned supreme and if this visit falls on the tail of touring the pyramids, you can teach children about the connection between the Emperor and Cleopatra, famed for being the most beautiful woman to ever walk the face of the earth.

Visit sites such as the famed Roman baths of Caracalla, the Vatican Necropolis where Christians believe Saint Peter was buried and then you can teach your children about how the Roman Empire actually ruled the world as it was known in those days, stretching as far as modern day Britain!

Experiencing Aquatic Life in the Caribbean

With such an emphasis on global warming and the devastation being perpetrated on Planet Earth, it is important to let children see exactly what scientists are so worried about. This may be one of the most exciting legs of an educational journey as children will get to take day cruises on glass-bottomed boats. Sea Turtles may look frightening, but sea turtles are gentle beings that actually enjoy communing with humans. Here you can show your children one of earth’s endangered species and teach them how important it is to work towards the preservation of such majestic creatures.

Viewing the Majesty of the Rocky Mountains

After spending time in the Caribbean, it’s time to go from lovely oceans to some of the most majestic mountains in North America, the Rocky Mountains. Ski resorts have special slopes for novice skiers and children, but they are always thrilled to get back the warmth of an open fireplace with a nice hot cup of cocoa. Some resorts even offer special accommodations for families traveling with children. Among them is RockResorts, which has several properties in Colorado and offers fun, kid-friendly perks like cocoa carts and video gaming areas.

Rocky Mountains

Getting to Know Our Neighbours to the East – Southeast Asia

From the West Coast of the United States it is easy to book a flight to visit some of our neighbours to the east. Many children may not be familiar with the historic tsunami of 2004, but having been recorded as the deadliest tsunami in history, this is one part of the world you may want to explore. It would be easy to relate lessons learned here with the marine life the children learned about in the Caribbean. Tie it all together under the topic of global warming and you’ve just completed a thematic tour of east and west.

Visiting all these places will give your children a new perspective of what they have read about in class. Traveling with kids is a fun way to teach them lessons they will never learn in school whilst introducing them to a wide variety of customs along the way. What better education is there that can prepare them for living in a global society? Give them an education but remember to have fun and enjoy this time with your kids. They won’t be young forever, so make the most of these formative years.


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