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Posted on Mar 20, 2015

Must Have Camping Gear for a Better Holiday in the UK

Must Have Camping Gear for a Better Holiday in the UK

The United Kingdom, apart from being the luxurious land of Royal modernity, is also home to the luscious greens and the beautiful, serene lands of lore. Camping along the ridges of the UK is one vacation you have to treat yourself with. To live within nature and rejuvenate without the hustle bustle of a crowded city is the kind of vacation everybody deserves. There are many great locations for great camping opportunities in the UK including New Forest, Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Forest of Dean, Croyde, and many others.  But even before selectin you trip destination, it is absolute necessity to begin your camping trip by ensuring you have all the right camping equipment in the UK.  Camping, as fun and adventurous it is, is a secluded activity, cutting you out from the exertion and the advantages a city vacation has to offer. Hence, it is always a good idea to be ready and packed with camping equipment before you head out for that adrenaline pumping camp. A list of camping must-have gear includes:


  1. Tents

The first and the most important item to pack, nobody ever heard of a camping trip without a tent, right?

  1. Backpacks

With the amount of luggage you can carry being restricted to a small bag, it is always good to carry a backpack. Easy to carry and small in size, it is your new best friend on a camp!

  1. Lights

You might have to set up camp in the middle of a forest or in the middle of the night. Everybody deserves all the help they can get and hence, it is good to carry lights if you don’t want to stay up in the blinding darkness!

camping lights

  1. Cooking Equipment

Food is one major part of any vacation, and if you can’t get served the restaurant dishes, you sure can spin something with the help of Mother Nature. Only, do carry adequate equipment to ensure you don’t end up eating just tree leaves. stackable pots are recommended to save some space.  Also, make sure get enough gas or fuel for camping stove.

  1. Water Holders

Camping includes trekking, backpacking and hence a lot of walking. Keep sure to be loaded up on water holders to make the trip a breeze. If plan to camp near a river, you may be able to use the water right there, assuming the water are clean for drinking and cooking.

  1. Sleeping Bags

With the cooking, walking and setting up camp, you deserve a good night’s sleep under the stars. Just make sure that the bags you get meets the weather needs. For a romantic add-on, consider double bag.

sleeping bags

  1. Knives

Good knives are a must for any camping holiday. If you plan on fishing, keep the appropriate knives that will meet your needs.  If you do plan to fly for such holiday, remember to put all sharp object in the check in luggage.

  1. Furniture

One might need to be a little comfortable and hence, you are free to carry some odd pieces of furniture such as lounging chairs or hummocks to have a fun trip.

  1. Air beds

Keep the comfort and the fun alive; carry an air bed to make your trip as luxurious as possible with the few items at disposal. Remember to take patching kit just in case, and, of course, an air pump 🙂

These are possibly the most of the things you need to have a fun camping family holiday though it is possible you will feel you would need some more. Just be sure of buying quality camping equipment from reputed brands to ensure your safety and reliability on the product since camping is no laughing matter. Rest put aside, have a secure, fun packed camping trip!


Images credits by order: KantashoothailandpxlpusherOldManTravels