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Posted on Feb 24, 2015

Why You Should Book Flights to Malta

Why You Should Book Flights to Malta

Friendly, welcoming locals, incredible prehistoric sights and over 300 days of sunlight per year: it’s no surprise that Malta is consistently nominated for world travel awards. This gorgeous little country has, in the past, been a haven for vacationing royals, including the Duchess of Cambridge, not to mention such Hollywood elite as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Still not convinced? Then consider its glorious cuisine; a fusion of influences including Spanish, French and Sicilian. And once you’ve booked your flights to Malta, here are some activities you can expect to get up to when you land.

Mdina Cathedral

Mingle in the Mdina

Malta’s Old Town is a gorgeous, walled labyrinth containing a picture-perfect combination of curling Baroque and stern Medieval architecture. It’s known as the Silent City, due in part to its being sequestered entirely from such modern disturbances as hire cars and public transport.

Said to have been inhabited since 7000 BC, it’s the perfect spot to while away an afternoon with your camera, with highlights such as the Mdina Cathedral and Palazzo Milhena to explore at your own leisure.

Go gaga for Gozo

For absolute tranquility, look no further than the little island of Gozo, a small but sedate sister to Malta which can be reached by ferry or seaplane. Its capital, Rabat (also known as Victoria) is perfect for strolling through churches or enjoying a quiet coffee without being elbowed by tourists, but beyond is where its true charm lies.

Peek out to the sea through the Azure window, lounge on the quiet beach in Ramla Bay or admire the view from the Samap Cliffs. There are also some Megalithic Temples to explore for those with an interest in history, and an Archaeology museum in which you can debunk their secrets.

Azure Window

Splash around on Comino

A teeny-tiny, almost uninhabited haven, the 3 kilometre wide island of Comino is a must-visit attraction for those who like getting their feet wet.

Grab your snorkel and plunge into the warm waters of the famous Blue Lagoon, or sling some binoculars around your neck and set off on a trek around the island for a spot of lesser-spotted bird-spotting. Just try to visit very early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

There’s only one hotel on the island (with two private beaches!) so it’s likely you’ll only be visiting on day trip, which is plenty of time to dip your toes in its twinkling waters.


Blue Lagoon, Comino image by Nick Ribaudo, shared under a Creative Commons Licence
Mdina Cathedral image by Neil Howard, shared under a Creative Commons Licence
Azure Window image by Berit Watkin, shared under a Creative Commons Licence